Style Face-Off: Seinfeld Inspired Fashion~ High vs Low

Here at Style Island we love to embody, and strive for a certain sense of style. As much as that style entails an eye for fashion, looks, and trends, it also involves the ability to decipher not just quality, but quantity. Sometimes, the price we pay is just as important as the style we evoke. And while everyone loves the ubiquitous Valentino studded mid heel shoe, there are plenty of others that play off the same vibe, while not completely existing in a fantasy price range. One of the best feelings I get comes, not from finding a deal, or sale, but by locating items that reflect a higher end style, which remaining at a fair and doable cost.
I haven’t done a style face off, or Buzz off as I like to call it, (oh I’m so clever aren’t I) in a very long time, but I’m bringing the feature back for both me, you, and our wallets. First up, Seinfeld inspired Fashion!
Seinfeld is still just as popular and relevant as it ever was, and I find myself, almost every single day, quoting or referencing a Seinfeld episode.
In my tshirt shop on, I am always coming up with ideas for new t-shirts, mainly because I like them better then a lot of the ones I see. Word Play is still huge right now, and going into fall, so why not get a similar look to the runway style for a fraction of the cost.  You’ll find that being stylish has nothing to do with money, and everything to do with character.
Style Buzz OFF- Seinfeld Inspired Fashion

House of Holland sweat shirt, $295.00

Seinfeld w/ a Twist Tank, $31.00

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