Cleanse & Style Detox with Jus by Julie This fall

Fall Season. Like a short lived Manhattan romance that teases us from day to day. One day she’s warm but the next, so very cold. She teases us with apples, and pumpkins and then suddenly, things are moving too fast. Literally. Then it’s winter, and she’s long gone. Many consider September just as much a rebirth as January. The fall tends to usher in new goals, fresh starts, even diet changes. We detox our brains and bodies just as much in the fall as we attempt to do in the beginning of each new year. We even detox our style. Regardless of your enthusiasm level for getting dressed each morning, all of us change our styles to match the seasons. Whether it’s as simple as a change in pant length, or a chunky layer, we let Mother Nature guide us as we dress for our day. A while back I partnered with Jus by Julie to try one of their juice cleanses. That’s when I realized though I’d be experiencing a much needed refresher for my body, as we move seasons once again, I’d also be undergoing a style detox.

Juice cleanses have come a long way. From becoming a ubiquitous trend, to hitting a climax, to funneling out, the rise and fall of trendy juicing tells an interesting story about our culture and how we embrace various movements. These days, certain, expensive juice cleanses may have bottomed out or lost popularity. Some once thriving companies even closed their doors. However, the wellness culture continued to grow exponentially. In the place of those aforementioned cleanses we instead have other brick and mortars. Stores that not only sell juice cleanses, but healthy grain bowls, yogurts, smoothies, and practice and promote the now ubiquitous, wellness lifestyle.  And yet, many juice brands still thrive. Jus by Julie is one that has successfully surpassed the trend. Maybe because their brand seems to focus more on lifestyle over crazy cleanse. Even more proof they’re more about long term lifestyle habits over a fast fix; in recent years they’ve branched out. No longer just juices Jus By Julie now also offers smoothies, soups, healthy snacks, and even probiotic coffee. The cleanses are also not only vegan, but non GMO, kosher, gluten free, AND dairy free.

I teamed up with Jus by Julie to show how their juices can not only match your life perfectly, but some of your style too. Consider it a style detox, replenishing both your healthy habits and your seasonal style changes.

I already feel a fresh glow just thinking about it.

The cleanses come in one, two, three, and five day options, or you can build your own. Because I have little willpower for big change, I’d experience only one day of cleansing. Still enough to feel good about myself. This one day cleanser consists of 6 Jus by Julie smoothies ($50) which include:

 Sweet Spin
Spicy Lemonade / Spicy Pomegranate
Raw Green Protein
Chia Berry
Choco-nana / PB and JUS / Matcha Chia
X-treme Greens


Taking an Afternoon Delight for a Sweet Spin. The first juice not only has a Sweet Spin, but a  long list of ingredients that includes kale, spinach and pineapple. The green treat comes first in the rotation to start your morning off right. When you go green with your drink that morning, remember to greenify your style detox too.

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Red, Willing and Able this afternoon with Chia Berry. A deep, red, spicy drink mixed with a blend of pomegranate, chia seeds, strawberry, lemon, water , and agave. It calls for a deep burgundy hue to match in the middle of the afternoon.


 Like these dark berry oxfords and drawstring bucket bag from Paris.

City Eve Cool down with coconut. When the lights go down on the island, Island Coconut comes out to play. Contains coconut meat (meat?), coconut milk, dates and cinnamon. It’s the perfect after-supper cool down to quench a sweet thirst. Paired with a style white out its a nighttime treat you cant refuse, with a style to match.





Disclosure: Jus by Julie has changed their juices a bit since I myself tried them above. If you head over to try your own cleanse, please note there will be some variations including the removal of the final drink above, the Island Coconut; no longer offered.


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