Big Apple Fashion: 7 Pieces with Major NYC Style you Need Now

There are a lot of rules when it comes to what defines a true ‘New Yorker.‘ At least to those who actually hold the title of native New Yorkers. Growing up, I assumed living here was completely normal. It was all I knew, and everyone else lived here too. Now, at almost 34 years old, probably 80% of my circle, though are New Yorkers in various senses of the word, are from somewhere else. As most people are… from somewhere else. Only now, is saying I was born and raised in Manhattan cause for oohs and ahhs. Like finding a rare breed of dinosaur that somehow still not only exists, but is living and breathing right under your nose. And though there may be varying degrees of New York City dweller, when it comes to fashion, it’s every person for themselves. Like I always say, this island is a jungle, and only the stylish and fashionable will survive.

So, to bring out your native, or your inner city girl, here are a few awesome pieces that not only show off this amazing city but will have you rocking some major NYC style. Native status preferred, but not mandatory

8 Pieces of fashion with major NYC style
1. Elie Tahari short sleeve fit and flare dress at On sale for $42

2. Rachel Comey bateau neck top at

3. Top at, $35

4. Issey Miyake blue jeans  at, $360.

6. J’adore Nyc t-shirt – at, $25.
7. Jason Polan Burger & Fries  at, $65






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