Stripe for the Picking ~ One Striped Shirt, 2 Ways

I recently wrote an article for Plum Deluxe about all the easy ways to mix stripes that actually work, and in shooting the piece, wound up realizing just how versatile certain items from our closet can be.

Case in point? One of my most favorite and most utilized tops from my wardrobe, my St James striped shirt. My mom, a fashion icon in her own right, at least in my world, started my obsession with all things Parisian, when she bought me the iconic shirt for one of my birthdays, one of those twenty something years, ahh but who’s counting!

St James, the famous brand most known for it’s striped Bateau boat neck shirts is synonymous with chic style, and a history rich in French tradition. Coco Chanel was famously inspired by fisherman for some of her most iconic looks we know today, and St James; the purveyor of that style.

Although I love the simplicity of jeans and a striped shirt, my nature is inclined to shake things up sometimes. And what better way to do that then with fashion, and one simple item.

Galathee, Striped boatneck, $90 Buy it here.

So How would you style a Striped Shirt? And which of these looks is your favorite?

1. As a layer.

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Black/Green striped crop top over; $14.99 Strawberry stores.


2. Mixed with Prints. You wouldn’t necessarily think all these things go together, but I love the juxtaposition of the stripes mixed with the of the moment camo, and a hint of gingham. Plus, red green and blue go smashingly together!

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Camo Jacket, $27.80 at Forever21. Red gingham button down, $25 at Old Navy. No longer available, similar one here.

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