Stay Fresh Every day with Simply Summers Eve Collection

Last week I got a glimpse at the brand new Summers Eve collection. The Simply Summers Eve line is aimed at keeping woman clean, refreshed, and smelling great while maintaining a busy lifestyle. The product, which comes as a cleanser or cleansing cloths for easy application, was designed with the intent to to keep you feeling and smelling fresh all day. From gym to work, desk to date, or workout class to evening sass.

So what better way to introduce us to the new Simply Summers Eve than by simulating a daily routine that mirrors something similar.

By morning’s end I, along with some other ladies, had completed one killer SurfSet class, designed a mermaid crown, and was now planning out the rest of the day. Completely drenched from the powerful workout (which combines aerobics and strength training with surf techniques) I calmed down with a fresh Coconut drink and some Simply Summers eve cleansing cloths in matching scent. The formula, also free from chemicals and dyes was designed to both maintain natural PH levels, and remove any stinky odors. Attributes that would make the next commute not only more comfortable, but even leave me feeling a bit invigorated.


Later, newly showered, and fresh faced, I’d reemerge with my crown. Two crowns actually. The metaphorical one we all wear when we’re feeling good. Crazy how even just a feeling of cleanliness can make you feel ready to conquer the world. Also, the actual mermaid crown complete with Starfish and shells, custom designed for me by Crowns by Cristy. (Thus, also bringing me one step closer to my strange fixation with mermaids. An obsession I can’t even claim as unique anymore as their trendiness continues to rise.)

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We live in a world where pop culture loves, even long term trends, like workout fads, or mermaid obsessions can sometimes be fleeting. But taking care of your body, inside and out will simply never go out of style.


The new Simply Summers Eve line comes in coconut water and mandarin blossom. arrives in May 2017. 




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