Spring style trends to shop from home

Spring is officially here even though most of us wont’ be leaving home for the foreseeable future. We can still support the economy and get some spring envy by shopping for some spring wardrobes online. But other than loungewear and stylish sweatpants what are the styles and trends that we should be looking out for this spring and summer? Here is a quick breakdown and some spring style trends to shop from home. 



Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are not a new thing. But for this spring, there is definitely more of a nod to a chemise look, and being able to work it into your everyday looks. It’s a fresh take on the style if you’re looking for something a little fancier. 



Suits aren’t for everyone, but they’re still a trend that is here to stay. For spring, look for additional pieces like vests and waistcoats, making it look a little more casual if required. You could also look out for Bermuda shorts for a twist on the classic suit, which can be what more of us might need when working from home. 

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Glasses are a top trend for spring and summer, whether you are someone who requires a prescription or not. The trend is for aviator-style glasses; the larger the better. There are plenty of designer glasses out there to choose from, though. So you’re sure to find a style out there that looks good and suits the share of your face. Team it with your suit and you’ll be onto a winning look.


Lines and pinstripes

Spring can often have prints that are floral, but this spring, there are plenty of other choices, with lines and pinstripes being big this spring. It has been a while since you will have seen this print as a big trend, but it is a really welcome trend. The reason being is that it is versatile, but can be really subtle, and can work on a variety of items from jackets to skirts.


Large collars

This spring there is a big nod to the 70s, bringing back a disco vibe and large collars on shirts and jackets. It is a look that you would normally tuck the shirt collar under your jacket, but it is all about being loud and proud with your collars this spring. Have them on the outside of your blazer or biker jacket. As the saying goes, the bigger the collar, then the more stylish the look.


Tropical print

Right now there are no vacations happening anywhere. But there’s nothing wrong with planning for when you can finally take it. Get vacation vibes at home by perusing spring style trends to shop from home. Pick up a colorful dress, or a fun print, dress up and have a staycation instead!





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