Spring State ~ 5 Great Ways to Sway into the New Nyc Season

New York City is a city of fickle extremes. Freezing or hot, bustling or dead, we switch from on to off with the ease of changing a light bulb and just like that everything changes. Sweaters become tank tops, shoes turn open tied, and your local Korean owned nail spa suddenly has twice as much yapping and gossip, and Essie polish overflowing inside.

Manhattan is an island thats disposition changes with the season. Winter is spent hermitting, self diagnosing S.A.D. disorder, and other exciting Web MD health issues, and lamenting on the sad depressive state of all the islanders. But then suddenly, like a cool, unexpected but thankful breeze, the tides change, season progress and in an moment, everything’s different.

People have a bounce in their step, a smile on their face, and a certain hope for the days that lie ahead. There is a hope instilled in us that we thrust upon this city, one in which the temperature of the weather directly affects the way we as humans decide to treat each other.

A hope in which your walk to work will be a little lighter, your day a little brighter, and the warmer weather a signifier that good things lie ahead. And how do we know this? We dont. But something about that gorgeous sunny day, which allowed us to go outside with only a t-shirt on, somehow simultaneously put the belief in us that, if only for that day, life is good.

And most importantly, the hope that our favorite designer sandals will go on sale, and those J crew shorts will still be in stock. Because as every season changes, so does the city, and of course, the sales….

As we swing full force into the spring season, summer is fast approaching, and before we know it, the season will change yet again, and as always, the city with it.  As the days and our dispositions warm up, there’s always a few things that start to get the gears in motion. So New Yorkers, rev up your seasonal engines….

rulesofcivility click here to buy on amazon.com

The book, The Rules of Civility is to old school Manhattan what the Great Gatsby is to the  1920’s socialite Hamptons lifestyle. And in the same way Fitzgerald sweeps us into a time and place we picture, and imagine ourselves in, Rules engages us in the exact same way. So it’s fitting that with May approaching and Great Gatsby only weeks from finally opening, that this book gets thrust into focal point, immediately becoming an obsession. It started about six weeks ago, when the Amor Towles novel became our latest book club pick, but became a more serious issue when I found myself actually underlining passages, and dog earing page after page. It’s the book for the ultimate islander; an homage to the native New Yorker and that which continues to make the city so special. Katherine Content, the protagonist and native herself glides in and out of each season of New York as smoothly as the actual chapters that signify them. Whether you’re a Manhattanite or not, it’s a must read.

for more on Gatsby the story click here (but be careful- spoilers are somewhat included so beware!) for more on Gatsby the story click here (but be careful- spoilers are somewhat included so beware!)

Get in the spirit of the season by seeing the anticipated remake of the Great Gatsby. Not only is it sure to inspire head scarves and flapper styles for months to come, but it also is set to have an amazing soundtrack which Jay Z had a hand in, as well as showcasing an amazing jewelry collab with Tiffany and Co.

To find out more about the anticipated remake (which I am obsessively excited for!) click here. It opens May 10th.

Ted Baker dress

Celebrate the new Skyline season with this awesome homage to New York. Shift dress, Ted Baker $248.00.

Click here to buy tickets Click here to buy tickets

The NYBG orchid Show  always christens the new season, and much like Spring, blink and you miss it. I love hopping on the railroad at Grand Central, and in a half hour, being transported into another world. A lush, tropical indoor paradise where orchids abound, and beauty is peeking behind every corner. It’s over in a few days, so if you haven’t already, there’s a few days left to check it out.

Spring State- 5 Great Ways to Sway into the New Nyc Season

SPRING your mojo into action by celebrating those things which signify it best. For starters, represent your island, and look cute at the same time. Pair up this adorable nyc tank from boohoo.com, the awesome UK website, with some leather shorts, strappy heels, and you’ve got an outfit for that first really warm night out. The one where the pure joy of realizing  it’s warm enough to start sitting outside again is crushed by the moments later announcement that the wait will be about 60 to 70 minutes. Hey, do you think you were the only one with that idea?

Print top , $16

Though you probably have a million in the back of your closet, you still deserve to christen the new season with a pair of comfy, walking ready sandals. I love these huarache ones from Mossimo at Target. $23

Flats sandals

For the days when jackets have already been totally dismissed from the ‘by the door’ lineup, but you could still use something for the pm chill…Get one extra comfy and wrapped, so that on your next plane ride, it can   double as your pillow.

Blue shawl
couturecandy.com , $86

No Season is complete without the new line of Essie being unveiled in every salon, and in turn, no hands or feet will be spring ready unti they’ve scrubbed, massaged, and polished up in their best pinks, oranges, purples, greens, and blues.


New seasons aren’t just our time to unveil our new best selves. It’s also the unveiling of summer action movies, exhibits, and new books. I’ve already mentioned my most recent book club read, and one of my new favorites. But I also love coffee table books. Mix that with a love of NYC, and my continued inability to read a new york city subway map, and you have a must read. Mapping Manhattan: a Love (and Sometimes Hate) Story in Maps is 75 New Yorkers different stories on the city, told through images and maps. Can’t wait to check this out. $12, on Amazon.


Seasons change, and so do our scents. Jump into spring with a new signature. Personally, there is a part of me that remains devoted to Jo Malone, but with so many new scents to choose from, you can go with this classic, and still find a new smell to put a spring in your step.

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