Spring Me Back to Life – 6 signs that Spring is finally Here

Bloom, dammit, BLOOM!

1) Last week I got excited when walking through the Oval where I live, I spotted a blooming flower. All over Stuyvesant town, potted plants and flowers are sitting in hundreds of lined up rows, just waiting to get plucked and potted, filling the neighborhood with color. On the trees when I leave my apartment in the morning, the once sparse, pathetic branches and tree limbs finally have flowers on them, Just as eager to bloom, as we are to see them do so. On this island, spring rarely exists, usually jumping from cold, right into HOT, but this is my gage; my mark, every year that finally, warm weather is upon us. Praise mother nature!!!

Springtime on the Island

2) Another sign; albeit an unfortunate one, that spring is here. The dreaded premature flip flop excavation. Overly excited and anxious girls who, the moment it hits 65 degrees, think this is fair game to retrieve the flip flops and denim short shorts from the back of their closet, and start having a warm NYC day field day. This is not okay. But at least it reminds me springtime is here, and so the style wars begin.
3) Lunchtime in the Park… WITHOUT jackets on –

Lunching it up in Bryant Park - Jacket optional, sunglasses required

4) Sweater and under the bed bags are sold out in CVS, as everyone does their yearly spring cleaning, sweeping all their baggage, like chunky knits, and fair isle cardigans under the rug.
5) Exciting new Spring like things to do, see, and Eat (See more on upcoming island Life feature)
6) Everyone is OUTSIDE. Nowhere else is happy hour almost an institution,like brunch, then on the island of New York City. It’s like that Disney movie,African cats, only instead of lions stampeding, it’s finance guys, running while ferociously loosening their ties, emptying their stomachs, and getting ready to stalk, pounce and devour their prey.
Luckily lions only have one outfit 24/7 so they don’t have to worry about wearing the same thing on their walk of shame home the next dawn, waking up with the coffee street vendors, cabbing it, so as not to be late to work that Friday morning…. Ah, yes, it seems when the weather warms up, so do the single bodies of NY.And much like those lions, they come out of cold winter hibernation, looking to mate…at least for the night, and seek out other able bodies also out of their caves,ready to see what spring has brought…. This will last at least until the following November….

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