SPRING FLING … when mother nature has a one night stand with an entire island

Looking at this awful weather, it’s hard to believe that Sunday was the first day of spring, let alone 70 degrees. But if we are being teased by the spring season, then Friday night was it’s  fling with us. A flirtatious one, that tempted and teased everyone throughout the island, with it’s warm weather and comfortable breezes. Damn, that lady is good!!
And my usual anger towards overanxious girls, who break out their flip flops in random warm March days was suddenly turned on me, and I decided to step outside of my cynical self, and rock my new navy shorts without tights. Jumping the gun yes, but I shaved my untanned legs, slipped on my comfy flower Gucci heels, and went for it.
For a moment I forgot what city I lived in, and since this island is not a suburban town with only one hot restaurant in it bound to be packed every Saturday night, you would think there would be enough to go around. But everyone has the same idea, and every single restaurant was jam packed, with excited New yorkers flowing out into the streets on every corner you went. I met my Friday night partner in crime at our original destination, Extra Virgin. When that presented a 2 hour wait, we traipsed around the west village, next to Mary’s Fish Camp, 2 1/2 hour wait. We were like reservation sluts, hungry, desperate and leaving our first names all over town. Finally, the last straw, a misdirected blackberry location – “I know your phone said the place is here, but this is a townhouse!” We were left with no other choice but to pick the next thing we found. We made our way to 7th ave and landed at Garage, exhausted and starving. A beet salad, stuffed chicken and shrimp scampi later, we were full and happy. It wasn’t the trendiest or hottest restaurant in town, but it was good friends, good talk, decent food and mainly, a beautiful night. Next time I’ll remember this island is smaller then I think , and mother nature doesn’t take reservations…..

Navy "silk" shorts- Forever 21, Silk cream blouse, Striped blazer, Gucci heels


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