Spring Fling! ~ The Essentials for your Best Spring Wardrobe

Spring Fling!!! My Spring Uniform

Spring is closer then ever, and though Mother Nature is acting like a high school tease who knows how much her presence is wanted, it seems as if she’s finally letting up and showing a little skin. As colder tempers flare, most of our minds already have one foot into the next season, whether it’s ready or not. I’ve been planning out my spring wardrobe for a while now, but when I saw IFB’s lastest project (#88) was an homage to your spring uniform, I figured it was perfect timing to finalize the season’s closet once and for all. With Pinterest bigger then ever, it’s easier for women to virtually create their closets, though personally I am old school and never met a dogeared magazine I didn’t like.

But whichever way you do it; buying items, pinning them, or just plain obsessing over what you can’t have, everyone celebrates the change in season in their own way, whether it be fashion, or simply a change in coffee temperature.The stores flourish with spring, and it seems, New Yorkers are starting to also….

My Essential 12 for Spring

Prints are everywhere for Spring and I love Ted Baker for their amazing floral dresses. I want one for my next Tea date, whenever that may be.

Ted Baker cocktail dress
$300 – tedbaker.com

I love the Tibi Fire Print, and finally couldn’t hold out any longer. Last week I finally purchased the Dress on sale, and can’t wait to wear it. (pics to follow!)

The Prada Daisy has jumped from the runway into mainstream culture, and stores. An affordable way to rock the runway style is with a cute daisy print top. I ordered mine from Loveculture.com for under $20!

Jersey tee


Cant ever go wrong with a classic, white t-shirt. They look amazing with everything from boyfriend jeans, to maxi skirts. I will be pairing mine with leather shorts.

Old Navy hip t shirt

This is a covet item. I want to purchase these for spring so badly, but I’m still in the rationalization stages.

Tory burch shoes


Normally, I would turn my nose at an animal trend… (animal hats anyone?), but this season, a must have item, that I must have grown fond of, is a pair cat flats. They’ve been seen everywhere from the all over Charlotte Olympia ones, to Modcloth, but personally I like to go off the beaten path. This adorable pair of BUNNY flats from an amazing website I discovered, Le Bunny Bleu are both cute, and super affordable.

 Ballerina shoes

A pair of Low Heeled Shoes. Because at 32, I can’t wear platforms like I used to.

Lira leather shoes

Each season tends to bring change with it. Some move in with their boyfriend, some go through breakups, some leave jobs, or get new ones. But most females who care about fashion usually enter the new season with one particular change, and that is the item in which they will carry all crap, old and new.

I haven’t done this in a while, I tend to carry them till they are literally falling apart. And I don’t know what it is, but I have been obsessed with this Tiffanys bag for a while now. I keep waiting for something I can claim to reward myself with, in order to finalize the purchase, and I think I’ve finally just settled on, you want it, and you deserve it. And with Lucky Fabb a week away, what better way to travel off to La, then with to christen it with a little security action.

Floral shorts are a must this season. I love these Kids shorts from Crew Cuts. J.Crew Girls’ bermuda short in tea rose


I couldn’t decide between the white and the black when I picked up this H&M moto vest, but now I know I made the right decision. For dinner tonight, I think I’m gonna wear it with a white t-shirt and skinny jeans. It’s a perfect add on for any spring night.  H M  moto vest; $34.95



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