A State Above Awaits at Kur Skin Lab

We rarely look up in New York City. In fact, most of us seem to be looking down at some device or another, 95 % of the time. But just a few feet, or floors up above us lies all sorts of New York stories. In Midtown Manhattan, high above third avenue, and housed in a section of a giant office building lies Kur Skin Lab. Kur is unassumingly located in its own corner. Although all around it are busy offices, shops, and a food court, once you head inside you’ll feel farther away from it than you’ed expect.

The last two months battling painful muscular issues has been a whole new life experience, as well as a frustrating one. More doctors in two months than in thirty five years, no specific diagnosis, and few long term solutions. However, since starting to take it a bit deeper it looks like things just might take a turn for the better. So when city traffic made me late to my Spa Week appointment at Kur Skin lab, in turn cutting my facial by twenty minutes, I took it as a sign when they instead offered me a Therapeutic massage. More details on this blissful treatment.

As I sipped some green tea and looked out over third, waiting for my massage, I realized just how much goes on both above, and below us all day long. I was watching the city move about; quick and sharp, not missing a beat and not even realizing I wasn’t partaking in her at the moment. I was somewhere else, about to get whisked away to a magical place where only two people exist. You and the person technically paid to pamper you. But in a good spa appointment, it can become easy to forget that the person across, in front or above you is an employee and not just some spiritually aligned friend. It can happen though and when I went in for my hour with Nemi I started to forget that I hadn’t known her for awhile. She was considerate, asking if certain things were ok, like any good friend would do. Sure, it takes a pretty nice friend to rub your half naked body, but altruism aside, this is a connection that runs deep, literally, at least until your hour is up.


Like all amazing things though, this too must end. Just as I was about to set myself into a permanent state of bliss and relaxation, my hour was over and it was time to head back down to the city streets. She would welcome me back with open arms, and although below, nothing had changed, I felt different. I was definitely calmer, and looser, but also refreshed. That euphoric state you find yourself in for about two hours post spa day, no matter where you’re headed next. So, I headed home, joyfully walking back downtown. People whizzed by me, but my normally annoyed self didn’t notice, and my usually uncomfortable neck strains seemed to have disappeared. I was, if only for a fleeting moment in time, a stress free, happy New Yorker. Now who wouldn’t pay $50 for that feeling???

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Although Spa Week ends in a few days Kur Skin Lab will be extending certain promotions throughout April. Check out more about the spa and book your $50 treatment.

This story partnered with Spa Week for a treatment review and all ideas expressed and written are sincere and my own. 






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