Something Wicker This Way Comes….

White Wicker with Chanel

There are always a few things about a person that don’t necessarily match her personality. A few little quirks, that don’t make sense, and yet still, help MAKE up the person.
I have had a long running love affair that a lot of people don’t understand…. with white wicker. I’m not sure where it came from or how, but for as long as I can remember, I have housed my room, and now my apartment with this decor. I rummage through vintage shops, flea markets; most of the pieces in my room come from this amazing flea market in Connecticut, and one piece which I took from an antique shop, off the street for $5, which subsequently had to be lugged home by me and 3 friends. My mom once purchased a vintage, Wicker couch, that is now in my living room, so as usual, maybe the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. And clearly, somewhere inside me lives a very repressed Laura Ashley….
Ah, but I get the last laugh, as it suddenly seems,to me at least, that maybe wicker, that repressed, old school look that not many people share a love of, is finally getting a little recognition. I happened to notice that wicker furniture, is turning up in a few ads, noteably Chanel, where a model is sprawled out on a wicker couch, quite similar to my own.
The Spring Prada ads feature those amazing, already statused Striped bags that resemble a somewhat wicker texture, and lots of shoes, and bags are cropping up with the same feel.
I will enjoy it while it lasts, as this is one trend that might not make a cyclical return any time soon……but for now, wicker works…

Marc by Marc Jacobs wicker covered Wedge- Nordstrom - $295

House of Harlow 1968 Wicker Booties- on sale $168- shopbop

Luxury Chic - PRETTY IN PINK - Kate Spade wicker bag- couture Zappos- $ 275

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