Sneak Attack

DSC_0137 Jack Fuller for Jardine Vintage dress. ‘Hollywood’ beaded souvenir belt, vintage. All from my mother’s closet. Wedge sneakers, Puma. Sunglasses, Forever21. Lipstick, Wet n Wild red.



DSC_0147 Bracelets, All vintage. Watch bracelet, vintage cartier. All from my mother’s closet. Essie manicure w/ Dramatic Drachmas, Strawberry sorbet & My Better Half DSC_0166 Puma “Caroline” Wedges. Buy at, on sale $64.00

Sneakers to New York Fashion Week? Blasphemy you say! Working girl come to life at Lincoln Center? Well, maybe, but before you bash this lesser known blogger, lest I remind you that Leandra, the Man Repeller herself has found fashion in function; wearing New Balances with high fashion, over shorts or sweats. More proof? A favorite who always nails casual glamour, Jules of Sincerely Jules, who I have always found refreshing for her love of pairing the sneak, though her pick of choice is usually converse.

Now that you can clearly see fashionistas far and wide, big and small have all, both on camera, and off, found high fashion in the most unlikely of places, are you any closer to jumping on board?

Well, whether it ever truly finds it’s home, or stays a trend for only the most enlightened of fashionistas still remains to be seen. The wedge sneaker went from being impossible to find in a Google or Ebay search, to being literally on the feet of every stylish girl from trendy, Isabel Marant lovers, to the Malls of America. This only further proves that when there’s a will, there’s a way, as long as that will has mainstream appeal.

And me? I decided to rock my first day of fashion week pairing my vintage Jack Fuller for Jardine sheer flower dress (a casualty of rifling through my mom’s closet) with the most unlikely of proper pairings; my brand spanking new Puma Caroline wedge sneakers. This smorgasbord of mixing was topped off with another, accidentally on purpose pairing. One of my favorite beaded souvenir belts, of which I have over a dozen. My mother collected them throughout all her travels across the country back in the day, and now I get the distinct pleasure of bringing them back to 2013, torn between my desire to make these cool, while hoping it never catches on. After all, the things that people WOULDN’T wear, are sometimes the same things that make your own style so special.

All Photography by John Turck

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  • Loving the look of a pretty dress paired with sneakers. I have a pair of sneaker wedges, and high, as well as low top converse sneakers and love pairing them with pretty dresses. – Carla