Ski School

In a few short hours I will depart for Stowe, Vt with 3 friends, and a bus packed tight w/ Zog sports enthusiasts who all share a common need for skiing/snowboarding, drinking, and 6 hours being trapped in the confines of a bus with what I can only imagine is old frat boys, random groups of girls hoping for an exciting, we’re in a different zip code weekend, and then of course me and my 3 fabulous friends. Yes, I am pre-judging right now, but I’m sure all of this cynicism will be a distant memory, as I return Sunday night, fond memories in hand, and chock full of new friend requests.

 Since I actually participate in this activity about once a year, you can imagine my skills are not quite up to par, nor are my accessories. I picked up a pair of pink girls ski pants from K-mart yesterday (clearly, I mean business on the slopes), and I will proudly rock my Diesel blue hat- ski goggles-in- one, circa 1998, and drink hot toddies in the lodge, while cozy in my playboy sweater that I purchased in college. Personally, I think it fits perfectly with the fair isle trend we have seen on sweaters and outerwear everywhere this season, except mine has just that eXtra rated something, doncha think



          And for those of you who are staying put this weekend, here are some things for you too. Sure, you won’t be skiing in Vermont with 30 strangers like me, but at least you’ll be nice and cozy…..


Diesel ski hat from my skater phase days




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