Simple ways to refresh your hairstyle this spring

When I was  younger, I used to change my hair constantly. One month I was blonde, the next I was blonder. Then I was dark. I’d try bangs, layers, you name it. I loved changing it up. But since my thirties, I’ve been happier staying natural, and mostly unchanged. I still get the urge to change things up though, from time to time. Something about looking in the mirror, and seeing a fresh cut, or new color is exhilarating. Do you ever look in the mirror and wish you could switch up your hair? If the answer is yes, then you’re just like everyone else. We all feel like we’re in a rut sometimes. Even those of us with trademark or signature looks. But if you want to change things up, even a little, here are some simple ways to refresh your hairstyle.

Image: Pxhere

1. Color it

Switching up your hair color is an easy and effective way to breathe life back into your style. Adding some highlights is a great way to make you look younger, while also helping you to get ready for the spring and summer months. Take a look at this year’s top hair color trends to give you some insight into what’s popular at the moment to help give you some inspiration. If you’ve never colored your hair before, it’s recommended that you go to a salon and have it colored professionally, rather than attempting it yourself with a box-dye at home like the teenage me used to do.

2. Go for the chop

If you’ve had the same haircut for a while now, why not try something different? If you’ve always had long tresses, try a bob or a shoulder-length lob that will allow you to create volume more easily and give your hair a much-needed refresh. If you want to try a more drastic cut, be gutsy and get a pixie cut.

3. Change your part

Image: Pexels

Crazy enough, something as simple as moving your part is one of the simple ways to refresh your hairstyle and change your look a lot. And you barely have to do anything. No cut or color, just a hair flip! Use a root-boosting product to add even more volume to your parting.

4. Try balayage

Unlike regular hair coloring, balayage is a more tailored experience. Balayage hairstyles involve hand-painting color onto the hair to make highlights and lowlights blend more seamlessly, creating a natural look. The trend is similar to the ombre trend in that they both focus on lightening the ends of the hair, allowing you to try going blonder without worrying about root regrowth.

5. Use hair accessories

Hair accessories can really change up your look. Flower accessories, headbands, and clips a la 90’s are all trendy and simple ways to refresh your hairstyle without attempting too risky a change.

6. Embrace braiding

Have you ever tried braiding? There are some amazing braid hair ideas out there, almost turning braids into an art form. From braided up-dos to halo braids, there are many  looks to try. Check out YouTube tutorials for tips on how to braid your own hair, or just get inspired.

7. Try more updos

If you always wear your hair down, it might be time to make a change and try some more updos instead. The right updo can help to frame your features and give your style a more elegant finish. Think chignons and ballerina buns for when you want a more formal, sophisticated look while playing with top knots and ponytails is a great idea for more casual days.

8. Grow it out

If your hairstyle has always been on the short side, you could try growing it out as a way to refresh your style. Women’s Rogaine is a great product for transforming your hair, offering the ideal health boost to help it grow and maintain its condition. Hair vitamins and nourishing hair products can all help your hair to grow longer and stronger, so start taking care of your hair to help it reach new lengths.

9. Try hair extensions

Hair extensions are an amazing way to add an instant change to your hairstyle. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on having pre-bonds applied, you could opt for clip-in extensions instead. Clip-in extensions are ideal for changing up your hair in an instant, allowing you to add colors and volume that you might not want to try on a permanent basis. Look for options that are easy to apply, and try to get them color matched to give you the most natural look possible.

10. Add bangs

I can’t fully advocate bangs, as I’ve never had a pleasant outcome once attempting them. However, if you can pull them off, by all means, go for it. Because when done right, and on the right person, they can look pretty amazing. They can even sometimes drastically change your appearance, or make you appear younger.


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