Simple Summer Fashion Tips You Must Know

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Summer is almost here, and you know what that means. Time to start storing winter clothes, find those sandals in the back of  your closet, and maybe even change some of your style or beauty routines. Summer In New York City especially can be brutal. Sticky, humid, and though it seems impossible to think now, sometimes even miserable. With that in mind, here are some easy summer fashion tips that will not only keep you stylish, but keep you cool, in all senses of the word. Now isn’t that what everyone wants from Summer?

Melting Make up maintainance 

If the mercury goes off the charts, it means the weather is scalding hot. The idea of hitting the beach or drinking cocktails in a beer garden does sound appealing. But not quite as much when you realize your makeup that beautifully started the day has half melted off. Thankfully, there a few tricks that stop makeup from melting in the summer sun. The best one is to double prime your face as the primer acts as a barrier. Also, it works better if you use an oil-free substance for obvious reasons. Throw some blotting towelettes in your bag for any meltdowns too.

Ditch Tight Clothes

It might be part of your style repertoire to take things a little tighter when you go all out. But in the summer, who needs it. We all suffer from those summer issues which go unmentioned. Chafing, rubbing, you get the picture. Tight clothes, or certain fabrics can speed up those processes so do yourself a favor. Lose the tight look, and instead, go for stylish pieces that drape your body more comfortably. Tunic and trapeze dresses are huge right now, including these styles from Anthony’s sundresses.

Stay light w/ Pops of Color 

Light reflects heat, so summer is the perfect time for cream colored blouses, and white jeans. For some though, if the neutral, classic look isn’t quite your thing, it can leave you desperate for some color. Rather than refocus your wardrobe, find it through accessorizing. Bright statement necklaces, or belts can transform an entire outfit instantly.

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Keep Your Shades Close By

In summer there might not be an accessory more important than sunglasses. there isn’t one that is more important in summer than a pair of sunglasses. To find the right shades, you have to think about your face shape and your outfit. Also, don’t forget about the size of the sunnies. Overgrown sunglasses are a big hit in 2017 because they act as a focal point. It’s like interior design but for your face!

If you follow this advice, you’ll be a fashion queen this summer.


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