Signs you Might be Ready to Live Abroad

We’ve all been there. That killer vacation we vigorously planned, and are now enjoying is about to come to a close. But we don’t want to the vacation, or the fantasy to end. We want to stay right here, and not go back to real life. Alas, eventually everyone must go home and return to their lives and whatever routines they consist of from day to day. Eventually, another one, whether winter holiday or summer sun, will be planned and placed on the calendar. This is how we live. But occasionally, for some, the urge to remain where they are is so strong it can turn wanderlust into concrete change. If a far away travel destination made you truly happier, would you be able to give up one place for another? Here are a few signs you just might be ready to live abroad.


You’re ready for a change.

When you find the perfect holiday destination, a place that makes you feel instantly at home even if it’s your first visit, then the idea of staying might just be viable. Taking a few years out from ‘normal’ life is becoming more and more standard; perhaps even recognized as a good thing. Especially with travel blogging and nomad writing taking on a whole new life of its own. Immersing yourself in a new way of life and doing something different could be just the thing you need, especially if you feel like you might be stuck in a rut.

Can you leave your friends and family behind?

With social media at the helm of most communication, keeping in touch while traveling is no longer complicated. In the old days, we relied on dingey internet cafes charging by the minute. Now, with the push of a button we can be skyping with our loved ones while halfway across the globe. This certainly makes it easier to swallow a big move, but for some, the distance still may seem to great. If you currently don’t live near your family, then this is going to be a much easier adjustment. But if you’re in a close-knit group, then think long and hard about whether you can cope without that.

You want to work in another country.

Living in another country and trying a different way of life is not just about you. For some, getting the chance to utilize a skill set, or try a talent in another part of the world is an exciting opportunity. If you’re already an accomplished skier and want to work with tourists seeking to be the same, then complete ski instructor courses could be for you. Or maybe your love of cooking and french food makes you a perfect new addition to the Paris scene. No matter the job, or skill you want to implement, if you’re ready to change the scenery, a trip abroad likely awaits.



If you can answer these few questions with confidence and are willing to overcome any potential language barriers, then perhaps you might just be ready to live abroad.

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