Shock and Astonishment- The Astonish Magazine Fashion Week Event w/ Ken Chen

I kicked off fashion week at the Astonish magazine event with Ken Chen fashion show held in the fabulous WIP, in the downstairs shadows of Greenhouse. The launch of their second issue, themed “outer beauty”,  contains cutting edge visuals, so it’s only fitting that the night be hosted in the club that has the air of an art gallery, and with massive graffiti, and splattered paint on the walls, I felt transported back to a time of The Rapture. Following in this theme, the collection, in almost all black, was strewn with tough edges and leather accents. A almost ironic mixture of leather, and lace, mixing good girl and bad with the only thing that could possibly link them; style. 

Whether it be leather pants with a long blazer, or a leather jacket over a black pencil skirt, there was a clear juxtaposition of soft and hard lines. Other details included lace, pea coats, and my personal favorite look; a mermaid tail dress with a lace front, and what looked like a taffeta train, tail following it. This happens to be one of my favorite trends for spring/summer, but it’s nice to see that it will follow us into fall ’12.

All in all, as I sipped on sweet moscatos, and faded to black watching the Ken Chen collection, I was buzzing with excitement for the start of fashion week, and with a night like this to start it all off, the ideas are endless. 

For more info on the event check out this recap 

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i said WIP it, WIP it good

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