Set a Weekly Glow & get Balance with Ole Henriksen Skin care

Every morning when I wake up I get an amazing facial. But I don’t live with an aesthetician, nor does my bank account allow for daily or even monthly treatments at at the spa. Yet still, each morning I’m awoken by a splash of water, a tingling feeling, a strong scent and an instant, invigorating freshness. So how do I do it you ask? The answer does not include a trip to Costa Rica, or some fancy spa. In fact it requires only a trip into the bathroom, where the new Ole Henriksen skin care line Balance it All can not only immediately transform your face, but your mood too.  Even if only for a fleeting morning moment. As each morning starts with a face of foam cleanser, I’m surrounded by several elements at work. A smell that makes me feel like I’m stepping into a fancy treatment. A tingling that implies some luxury product is working, and an end feeling that makes me somehow totally ready to take on the day.

Except not only does this daily treatment not break the bank, it’s available for appointments every morning. Right in the comfort of your own bathroom.

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All three items in the Balance it All line, including a toner, hydrator, and cleanser have found their way into my medicine cabinet front and center since Influenster sent them over. Meaning they stay in the coveted rotation each morning, and night. The super absorbent formula feels light, yet powerful when the minty, facial feeling takes over. It’s not always necessarily easy to tell great skin care products apart. But with the Ole Henriksen skin care line which cleans skin, then purifies pores, finally hydrating and moisturizing, you really can feel the difference.

ole henriksen, ole henriksen skincare, blogger reviews, beauty reviews, influester

I received this product complimentary from Influenster. All ideas expressed and written are my own. 

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