SEEING RED – Oscar Night 2011 Standouts

So, now it’s Tuesday, and after all that build up, and waiting and discussing and planning, like most things that take that much time and diligence, in a moment, it’s over. So, I’m not going to do a whole long post on the Oscars, because frankly, you can find that on five million other blogs. So rather then putting a dollar into the blogosphere, I will just put in my quick 5 cents.

Sunday night was by all accounts, not the most exciting of Awards shows. Pretty much all the locks and assumed winners, well, they won, and though Anne and James were great and funny, and so good separately in their individual styles, they lacked the chemistry that I have seen them have with so many others, in much stronger roles. (Eat, Pray, Love and other drugs much?) Maybe they should bring Jake and Julia into the mix next year.

But regardless of the night itself, we certainly had a ball over at my viewing party. The Sunday night wind down took out a lot of people early in the game, and by the end, the prizes became less exclusive and more freebies, but the food, wine and laughing flowed all night, as we re-enacted fashion police and judged people superficially, as the good lord intended.

In retrospect, although many dresses looked amazing, there wasn’t one real stand out or breathtaking look, but rather a lot of dresses that displayed more of a simpler, almost relatable feel and style, which you too could emulate. One main thing I noticed was that once again, as has been brought up and seen so many other times this year, Red seemed to re-emerge as a standout and a favorite. We may make up less then 2 % of the Population normally, but Sunday night we were more in the majority, with an ever shrinking Jennifer Hudson, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Lawrence in a simple yet stunning red Calvin Klein all donning the fiery unforgettable shade.

And why not- As mark Twain said “…. Red is the natural color of beauty! What is there that is really beautiful or grand in nature or art that is not tinted with this color?”

And after all, the color that signifies the night, the grandeur and the star power entrances all happen, hinged on one thing – Not the brunette or blonde carpet, the RED carpet. Now, isn’t that just all the endorsement we need?

SEEING RED ON RED at the 83rd Academy Awards

The incredible shrinking woman J Hudson at the Oscars

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