Enjoy City Dining & Score Seats at Your Favorite Restaurant with Table8

If you live in any major, metropolitan city, especially the island of Manhattan, you know that a reservation at a good restaurant can be as covetable as a new car or high priced handbag. And sometimes it can also take the premeditation of a patient, and planning patron to get those reservations. But now, with the new Table8 app, which launched earlier this summer across metro areas, those covetable reservations need no longer be executed months in advance.

Table8, a restaurant reservation platform that enables the ability to be still be spontaneous when it comes to dinner, was founded in 2013 by Silicon Valley vet Pete Goettner. Frustrated with their present restaurant routines, and the lack of options at both new, and old classic destinations, Goettner and partner Jayaram conceived  Table8. By partnering up with the restaurants, they could make last minute reservations available to diners, and in turn, create a new stream of revenue for the owners. Table8works one-on-one with each restaurant to select how may seats they could or would hold, as well as costs, and then share the proceeds.

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By offering last minute reservations to prime spots, at popular times, it provides access to restaurants that are typically in high demand. After successfully launching in San Francisco in 2014, in went on to debut in LA, DC, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, and of course, New York City. It will continue its growth into more markets through 2015.

Table8 is available through the Iphone and Android apps. Check out a highly curated guide to dining in your city by heading over to the website, and choosing your location.


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