Revival of the Fittest: Reviver Swipes Refresh You On-the-Go Instantly

Who knows better then New Yorkers how challenging it can sometimes be to transition from day to evening activities? Whether you are running from the last meeting of the day to dinner, or from a workout to the office, it’s hard to stay refreshed, and be ready for the night ahead no matter what it entails. We carry toothbrushes, breath mints, and travel sprays, sneaking into coffee shop bathrooms, and maybe even gym saunas we don’t belong to. But now, there’s no need to get frazzled during the ‘in-between’s’ anymore. The revolutionary Reviver Swipes don’t just refresh you on the go. They can instantly revive the day’s clothes in the same amount of time it takes to pop a mint by just swiping them over your clothes!

The brand already has a huge accomplishment under their belt that not only cements their credibility, but speaks volumes about the product, and its creator, Ben Kusin. Like many exciting businesses that came before, and after, they found new success and worldwide exposure after appearing on Shark Tank.

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Not only are these clothing swipes so useful and convenient they also come in various categories, for even more specific occasions. Besides the regular Reviver swipes, there is also smoke swipe, specifically for getting a smoke scent off your clothes, spark for her and him; a pheromone infused swipe for different kinds of moments, and even cat and dog freshening wipes for pet owners. They cost between $10 and $12 for packs of 3.  To get more info on Reviver Swipes and see why you should keep them in your bag starting now, click here.

reviver swipes, on the go wipes, clothing fresheners, shark tank,

Now that’s what I call a Swipe-out!

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