Last night I came home and upon reaching my abode, I opened my mailbox and inside, I found that magical artifact that so many of us at one point had given and received, and yet now,have somewhere, remains lost in the dusty rubble among our belongings, of lives and technology passed.

It was a letter- A real letter! With a stamp, and everything and enclosed, a 2 pg note scribbled on legal paper.

Half shocked at the note itself, and half shocked just to be receiving one, I opened it with anticipation before I even got to my elevator and eyed it over.

It always feels good to catch up with an old friend, be it by any form, and though the current, confined living situation of this friend makes it difficult for him to communicate in any other way but letters, it still made me nostalgic for a time when I would get a note in the mail, or pass one around in class (remember passing notes, before you could text under your desk)

Letter writing is just one of the things from a different time that I miss, as it falls under so many of those categories I mourn for, like VHS tapes, cassette mixes you made for your friend or BF, Multiples by Sandra Garrett, MTV actually MUSIC VIDEOS, (not jersey shore), and the list could go on and on, and on. I think that is just my old soul talking, since even back when I was a little girl, I was yearning for a time of yester year- Some little girls when they are home sick from school watch Brady Bunch or cartoons. I was brought up watching Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Cary Grant movies. And all those things made an indelible mark in my brain, that not only still stays with me, but I really believe has helped shape who I am today.

So in that vein, I encourage everyone reading this to go home today, and write a letter or a note to someone; a friend, parent, boyfriend, friend with benefits, F- buddy, anyone… Better than actually putting ink to paper and writing it, will be the feeling that the other person gets reading it. And unlike a text, it will all be enjoyed on one full page….

I already started mine to send back, and it’s already 2 pages long – Now I just need to buy a stamp- hmm now where do I find one of those?

What is the last letter you remember receiving, and how did it make you feel???

Not only as exciting as the words themselves, are sometimes just the paper they come on – And here are a few great ways to show how much you care- and they don’t involve BBM –


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