Repurposed Beauty~ 5 new ways to use your makeup & hair essentials


1. Vaseline is a basic, classic, essential that I  would imagine most people still keep somewhere in their medicine cabinet and arsenal of supplies. It’s sole purpose is usually relegated to lips, but I learned a trick from my mama years ago, that I still use today. Applying a dab of vaseline around and under your eyes at nighttime can act as a kind of night cream, and helps to keep your skin supple and smooth until morning. I swear by this trick, and can attest to its odd multi functional ability. Try this, and I swear, you will too.

2. Gosh BB cream and Oil of Olay anti wrinkle day cream & serum are both terrific items and essentials in their own right. BB cream is the newest must have item in skincare this year, and an important anti wrinkle and daily serum is always essential for any routine. However, mixed together, these two items make an amazing bronzing cream. The Gosh BB cream is a foundation, moisturizer and Primer in one, but the dark tint isn’t totally complimentary to my skin tone. When I take a dab, and cut it with the Olay serum, it creates a perfect bronzed sheen that I have been using all summer long.

3. Scrunchies, as we all know, are rarely acceptable in a public setting (they can even break up a relationship, remember Carrie and Berger?), but this year, the hair band got a new twist. The answer to the hair elastic comes in  many new brands, but the original, and favorite is Twistband. These new hair accessories promise less mess, static and breakage. But I found another use for the twistband: bracelet. Slipping on a patterned twistband in a chevron or glitter print, between a watch or bracelet is a cute, affordable and unique way to play up, and accessorize our own, individual arm party. Check out all the options, colors, and ways to wear them here.

4. Rosebud salve strawberry lip balm is a quintessential product, not only for the smell, and softness, but just as much for the cute, vintage tin it comes in. But I have found that it actually has some other great uses that don’t just apply to lips. When I want just a touch, and I mean a touch only, of extra sheen or glow, I swipe a dab of this across my cheeks, and it creates the perfect dew. You can also cut this with a blush, or cream, but I prefer it au natural. The key is to use very little, otherwise you risk looking too shiny.

5. I’ve mentioned before how important the boom boom eyebrow brow pen is to my life. But, it actually serves an even more important purpose to me, on a daily basis. I use it as an under eye-liner, applying a touch to the corner of my eyes, and a little underneath. Instantly, my small eyes are totally brightened and appear larger. This went from a one time experiment to a daily ritual. If you  have slightly smaller eyes, or just need a boost, the Boom Boom brow pen magically creates a wider, more refreshed look in one quick application. Buy it here


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