Put a PEPlum in Your Step.. Peplum styles for Spring 2012

Things are slowly changing. Yes, I know it’s almost April, but Spring is here, and winter coats are waning, warmer clothing getting ready for storage, and subtle “light” details are creeping in. It’s finally light out when we leave the office at night, ice coffees are invading our cups, and shop windows are screaming at us to buy spring and summer.

In New York City, walk down any busy street, and be bombarded with bright colors, striped shirts, boat themes, and polka dotted sandals yelling at us to buy our 80 degree wardrobes.

With season changes brings trend changes. Some that last only one round, and some so relevant, they stay around for 2 or 3, or come back, even after only one. Case in point here; stripes, animal prints, wedges, etc. Yes, apparently in recent years we are a industry of repetition.

One of the newest trends to emerge, that refreshingly we actually HAVEN’T seen in memories of seasons past is the peplum shape. Basically in laymen terms, a bed skirt for your shirt.This trend is classy in design, functional in look, and works on a variety of body types.

I recently wore a vintage, printed, peplum style shirt/jacket to the IFB conference back in February, with a pair of shorts, but one of the best parts of this trend is that it is not one-dimensional, and works on several different styles. Mine was more flea market/vintage looking, but you can also find this style from higher end designers, as well as lower priced knock-offs at Forever 21, and H&M.

If you want to see a dressed up peplum, all you have to do is look at Jennifer Aniston sporting a gorgeous Tom Ford dress with peplum accent at the Wanderlust premiere. Peplum again took center stage, in the most glamorous and stunning of ways on Michelle Williams at this year’s Academy Awards, where she rocked a red Louis Vuitton dress with such ease it might as well have been a t-shirt and jeans.

The peplum look was all over the runway, and now that it’s hit the masses, even if you can’t afford Tom Ford, or Louis Vuitton you can still rock the look.

This red dress from asos, on sale for an insane $33

Peplum red dress- on sale for $32 - Asos.com- click here to buy  proves that you too can wear peplum, and still have enough money leftover in your wallet for your other favorite spring 2012 trend, whatever that may be. Spring never looked so peppy.

Peplum vintage top/jacket- Vintage; My Mother’s Closet. Denim shorts; H&M. Tights; DKNY.

Necklace; bought at a boutique in Greece. Shoes; H&M.





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