How to plan a Romantic Getaway

When life gets busy and chaotic, sometimes a trip away with the one you love is just what you need to restore the balance. It’s a chance to de-stress, unwind and spend some time with the person you care about the most. Holidays are always a popular time to travel, but we don’t always need a special occasion to plan a romantic getaway. Sometimes it’s just as simple as having time off, or taking time to reconnect with those we love. Either way, if you want to treat your sweetheart (and yourself too!) here are some things to bear in mind before you plan a romantic getaway.


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Decide On a Desirable Destination 

If you want romance, of course there are some obvious choices. Cities like Paris, Venice and New York have been bringing lovers together for generations. Seeing the city all lit up at night is always a magical experience, even for the most jaded of couples. But maybe Paris is too obvious. Maybe it’s a destination you’ve always wanted to visit together, or a place neither has ever been before. Either way, the decision should be mutual, and get the heart pumping.


Carefully Choose The Right Hotel

As well as a beautiful destination, in order to perfectly plan a romantic getaway, you’ll want to make sure the place you stay is planned too. A bad hotel has the potential to ruin a vacation in some circumstances. Once you’ve decided on your location and your budget, it will be easier to decide where you want to stay, and how luxury you want to make it as well.

Prep Some Romantic Ideas

In order to plan a romantic getaway, always plan for some romantic activities too. Maybe it’s visiting incredible natural wonders like Victoria Falls, as simple as having a picnic in Central Park, or taking a walk along a Maui Beach. Look ahead into some of the restaurants where you’ll be, and then book a reservation at the one that sounds best. In lots of cases, you can book tickets for events or shows in advance on travel sites which will eliminate any disappointment while out there. Spontaneous can be fun, but most times, a little planning can only enhance your trip experience.


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Pamper Yourself

When you’re in a long term relationship, you’re not always working to look your best. But when you go on a romantic trip, it might be a good opportunity to  look and feel your best. Whatever those things are that make you feel good, be it a blowout, a manicure, or a massage, do it. Saving is important but in life, sometimes you have to spend money on yourself and just feel good. And it’s worth every penny.

Visit the hairdresser and beauty salon. Have your nails done, put on a face and hair mask and spend some time choosing out your outfits. That way you will feel happy, confident and photo ready for your trip.

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