The Perks Of Open World Games


When it comes to video games, everyone has a different type of game which they really enjoy playing. For many of us, games which pull us through missions without a break can be pretty annoying and certain games like Call Of Duty are incredibly guilty of rushing us through the game so quickly that we have no way of enjoying the landscape we are in. However there are open world games out there such as GTA, Just Cause and even the LEGO games which allow us to explore, complete side missions and take our time. Here are some of the Perks of choosing an open world game instead of a mission based one.

The graphics

Graphics are and always will be a huge part of gaming, and the way a game presents itself to you will really make a difference to how you see it and enjoy it. Most mission based games won’t spend as much time on the finer details of a landscape because they know that you won’t have much time to look around, but open world games make the most stunning worlds imaginable. For example FarCry Primal has an open world which covers grassy plains, woodland and mountains and the smallest details are built up to form a stunning world. You can appreciate every plant, every cloud and every sunset it gives you.


Take your time

Like we mentioned earlier, when you play a game such as Call Of Duty you are thrown in at the deep end and the first experience you have of the game is an intense mission. You don’t have time to learn the controls, to work yourself up and to get in the right mindset because it just happens. However mobile open-world MMO in the Final Fantasy series for example let’s you open up the game in the world and you can take your time to get your bearings and learn what to do before starting anything. It makes the experience much more relaxing.

Have more fun

One of the best examples of a fun open world game has to be LEGO Marvel Superheroes. In this game you get to have fun trying out hundreds of superheroes and you can fly around, drive through the city and even swim in the water. It is a fun game because you have lots of bonus missions and quests given to you in-game which gives you the ideal break from the main storyline of the game. You can spend so many hours simply exploring the city and flying around with superheroes that you forget they had missions at all.


Avoid missions

Missions, missions, missions… sometimes we just don’t want to carry on with a storyline and we are instead having too much fun doing random stuff in the world. GTA V for example gives you an open world with so many different things to do that you don’t have to be forced to play a big mission everytime you come to play. You can just relax and jump off buildings and perform stunt jumps if you would prefer!

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