One Less Lonely Girl on the Island: A Manhattan Engagement

I’ve been meaning to share my exciting news ever since the new year began. I think my hesitance mostly stems from a desire to keep this a place for fun, perhaps informative stories about style, food, travel, NYC and more, and less of a personal platform. That being said, in this day and age, with the power of the blogger at all new heights, the line between personal and professional is more blurred than ever. Your success can be directly defined by the building,  growth and popularity of your personal brand. So how do we decide what to share, and more importantly, what people want to know? That differs for each person. After a failed childhood attempt at acting, I realize now I’m best behind the screen. But when your job is to report and write, many times including your own opinion, how can a personal aspect not come into play. As celebrities turned ‘lifestyle experts’, or known bloggers will tell you, your worth, at least work wise, is your brand. And your brand is you. So that being said, I’m sharing my personal news, from one less lonely girl on the island.

So, whats the news? I got engaged!! 

On December 22nd, 2015 during the Soup Nazi Seinfeld episode I became someone’s wife to be. And just like that, in the simplest of daily life, my life changed forever. In some ways, without changing at all. I”m not sure I’ve completely processed that I have to plan an impending wedding. It’s a strange feeling when the happiest you’ve ever been in your entire life, is also the most confusing time. Confused because not only do I not know what I want, but I don’t know how to go about getting there.  Am I that chic city brunch wedding girl, or a rustic hippie upstate? How much can I afford to put into this to make it fabulous and not go homeless? DJ or band? How much do I spend on a dress? I never dreamed of a wedding as a little girl, or pinned a wedding board before we got engaged. Truth be told, I never even envisioned what I would want, should my day come. So this time, it really is my first rodeo.

 I want to believe I’m not the only one out there who has gotten engaged and subsequently felt completely lost, so I’ve decided to write about the experience.

Join me on a journey into unchartered waters as I delve into a world that I currently know nothing about. The world of the engaged woman. Expect lots more wedding content, self deprecation, editorials, and most likely a whole lot of unfiltered opinions. Don’t expect whining about my stressful life, because I’m going to do everything I can to not catch those feelings. Although I’ve seen all my friends go through crazy stress during wedding planning, I aim to keep my cool. And as typically has been the case throughout my 35 years, the route normally taken is not the one that interests me. Because as my well timed fortune cookie recently said: Nobody can be exactly like you.

Now, to find out who exactly you is.

engagement, newly engaged, bride to be, manhattan bride, manhattan engagement, city bride, wedding blog, planning a wedding,  nyc wedding

engagement, newly engaged, bride to be, manhattan bride, manhattan engagement, city bride, wedding blog, planning a wedding,  nyc wedding

Ring: Designed with Carats By Stacey 

Nail Polish: Essie Trophy Wife

In January of 2012, on our second date, we headed up to the top of the Empire State Building on a whim. It was a time of drunken nights, and spontaneous outings. The sort of activities that can only happen when two people are first meeting. I wasn’t looking for love when I went on a few weeks earlier, but it had found me on that cold January night.Though I didn’t know it at the time. It wasn’t so passionate of a adventure. In fact, as I remember, a tourist randomly asked to take our picture for us, then told us to kiss, which we did, and posed for pictures, even if it was a little awkward. But it was also fun, and exciting. And much like the lit up night sky laid out upon us, the possibilities that lay ahead of me seemed endless.

Four years later, to the day, we returned to the scene of the crime. This time, the guy by my side wasn’t a date with promise but my pre-husband. (Because I can’t bare to use the cliche, stuck up fiancee). And we weren’t on a spontaneous, second date. We were celebrating our fourth anniversary, and heading up to the top for a planned 6 pm meeting. This time, he complained a lot more. We didn’t talk to any tourists. We took our own photos. And the lights of the city still shined just as brightly as the first time, along with my brand new ring.

engagement, newly engaged, bride to be, manhattan bride, manhattan engagement, city bride, wedding blog, planning a wedding,  nyc wedding


If you’re not huge fan of reading, check out the short little video I made below. Just learning how to create video content, which is one of my goals for 2016. And it essentially sums up all of the above 🙂


What would you want to hear about or relate to most with wedding planning?? Have you been Engaged? If so, how did you handle it?

Tell me about it!! 

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