NYC date Night: Dinner drinks AND movies at IPIC theater

Nestled among the store lined cobblestone road of South Street Seaport lies a new spot changing the game in movie going. The IPIC theater, which opened in Downtown Manhattan earlier this year is not your typical movie theater or for that matter, your typical night out. With a new surge in movie experiences on the rise, the three story theater takes the standard dinner and a movie date night and gives it a twist. This night out will include drinks, dinner and even popcorn, all at your own reclining couch like seat. It’s not just enough to go out to the movies anymore. These days, the trend in making you feel like you’re at home while you’re out has risen in popularity. Restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and theaters are trying to recreate that homey feeling while doing everything they can to make sure you actually leave your house and do go….out.

If you’re looking for a fun spin on a Friday night out, head over to this NYC spot for an all inclusive night out. Late last year as a Birthday present I took the hubby to the IPIC theater for exactly that. The idea behind it is similar to several other theaters in the same vein, but with some exceptions. This one will run you quite a bit more. On the other hand it also allows for options. For the VIP option, customers can order food and drinks at the IPIC cafe and then bring it into the theater with them to enjoy while they watch their movie. For a more expensive, more ‘premium’ choice, you can chill and recline in your seat to your heart’s content while someone serves you your food. This ticket also includes popcorn and a blanket for the full movie watching experience. While I did see many popcorn tubs and blankets strewn around the theater that night, I’m not a betting woman. But I’m a cynical New Yorker, so movie blankets would not be my choice.

We did however, get our food, bring it to our seat and scarf down burgers, beers and fries while Dr. Strange unfolded on the screen. A few hours later date night was close to it’s end, and we were close to ours. It was after midnight at that point, and those cobblestone lined streets were now dark and empty, as was the rest of the Plaza. IPIC remained of only staff as they started to turn down each hub for the night. Just like the old crazy days, we had shut down another spot on a Friday night. Except, instead of rowdy NYU post grads enveloping us, this time it was Marvel characters.

Having a Norma Jean at the Tuck Room – This is my new Favorite drink in New York City. It’s delicious!

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Burgers, Beers, and fries from the ipic cafe, at our seat while we watch. 



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