No More Mr Nice Guy… Do we really want a nice guy, or do we just say we do?

Sometimes a conversation overheard on the street, can spark an idea, or get you thinking. I love getting little snippets of sidewalk chats, and turning them into  my own stories.  Last week this is what I got:
Girl # 1: “he is sooo, so sweet to me”
Girl # 2: “Yeah, he is. Why is he so sweet?!!
Girl # 1: “I honestly don’t know….it’s so weird…like, why??”

As women, we’re typically raised being told, one day you will meet a NICE guy and settle down. When you ask a girl what she really wants out of a guy, a common answer is, just someone who is nice to me. No one ever tells you, aww dont’ worry, one day you’ll meet a Bad boy and settle down.
If nice guys finish last, do bad boys finish first?
Well, in many cases, yes, they do. All we ever want, or rather- claim to want, is a nice, thoughtful guy. But as NICE as that idea sounds in our head, or on paper, when it translates into reality, it usually takes the form of boredom and complacency, and usually we’re left telling our girlfriends that he’s just not passionate or exciting enough.

Recently one of my best friends met one of these NICE guys. He was cute, sweet, kind, and caring. After only several dates he sent flowers to her office! I loved it when I heard, but she felt nauseous, and claimed, he’s boring. Poor guy.Who ever thought his positive, amiable personality and eagerness would be what did him in? And yet it always is…..
When talking to a friend about a new guy in their life, saying how nice they are can frequently be immediately followed by.. but….

Ultimately nice lost out again as he so often does, to the future bad boy she will date next. She’d rather be single then, well…. bored.
When given the option between the nice, sweet, but simple man that wants nothing more then to be my guy, and the other side of the coin, I’ve almost always flipped the coin… and gone for the unsettled, unreliable, yet exciting guy.
This time around however, I managed to find the perfect balance. A mixture of sweet and spicy. And doesn’t that just sound so … nice

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