Have A Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur With These Awesome Clubs

In whatever place you find yourself in, there’s always one thing you’ll find every country shares: an exciting nightlife. One of the things travelers look forward to most on a trip is experiencing that unique and vibrant scene. But before they can schedule those nightly excursions, they might begin to prepare in a few ways. Planning out how to dress, what works, or even taking the time to buy travel insurance to ensure these night trips go smoothly. When it comes to places to go that offer an amazing time once the sun goes down, Kuala Lumpur should be on top of your list. While other destinations like New York City, London, Paris, or Australia offer a bustling scene that’ll always be popular to visit, the nightlife in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is unlike anything else. Already a quite popular destination, it provides travelers with modern and historical sites for them to visit. But once you set foot in the city and see how it transforms at night, you’ll surely want to relive each exciting moment. To help with this and get you started on an itinerary, here are some of the best spots to check out for some amazing nightlife in Kuala Lumpur.


Rootz Rooftop Bar. Located at the rooftop of Lot10 mall, Rootz Rooftop Bar can accommodate up to 700 people. It’s considered to be one of the best clubs in Kuala Lumpur, and for good reason: it’s not your typical nightclub. It is Russian-themed, designed with a unique choice of decor. Tsarist interior design, velvet drapes, early 19th century Renaissance painting, and fixtures that use regal colors are just some of the visuals you’ll see inside. Their main attraction and centerpiece is an elevated DJ’s platform and the dance floor.

The Rabbit Hole Restobar. We have all daydreamed about living in fantasy stories like Alice in Wonderland. Now, you can give yourself a slice of it in The Rabbit Hole Restobar. It is a fantasy story-themed restobar that will make you experience some of your favorite stories (like the previously mentioned Alice in Wonderland ) and The Chronicles of Narnia. There are 6 concept environments based on both of those fantasy stories and it’s seriously one of the best places to chill with friends after a long week’s worth of sight seeing.

No Black Tie.  If your idea of  nighttime fun is being serenaded with music, enjoying awesome food, and just having a more chill night, you need to find No Black Tie. The spot is already an city institution due to it’s vibrant music scene and acts. Imagine being in a casual, laid-back place with jazz as your background, no frills, and no worries: Now that’s the life!

Pisco Bar. Pisco Bar is described as hot and glamorous, and once you’ve seen it, you will understand better.  Pisco Bar remains one of the most popular places to visit for both tourists and locals. A fact that is often a good sign. Their website says that their bar is a “marriage of Spanish hot bloodedness and the poised, chic ambience that you’ve come to expect in a cool bar”. That ambience includes a contemporary pop decor, styled look, great dance music, and of course countless drink and dining options.


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