Next Stop, Style Island… The Underground Runways of NYC

I realized this morning that the New York City underground subway system is almost parallel to the Lincoln Center tents, but with less, or maybe just slightly less organization, and no walkie talkies. Taking the subway in the morning is like being invited to one giant, clearly not exclusive fashion show. And the styles and personalities you literally RUN INTO, really run the gamet. You have your glamour girls, treading through, weaving in and and out of people wobbling on their stilts, usually all made up already, hair coiffed, trendy outfit trendified, (my made up word of the day), and Starbucks in hand.

Then you have the grunge girls, leggings and doc marten boots, usually a knit cap on, hair undone; they just came in off the Brooklyn L, deli coffee cup in hand, usually with a red lip stain around the rim. There’s the no nonsense business girls on their way to their high powered finance jobs; matching Celine suit, and briefcase, and then of course those girls minus the title, who wish they looked like the finance girls, except their blazers are baggier, not fitted, and their shoes are flats, while the heels wait patiently in their unlabeled bag. There’s the  girl who works at Ralph, noticeably and usually in ALL Ralph, flowered dress, tan boots and a tweed blazer.

Then there’s the fun game of rock-spotting. Usually the first two mentioned types are the ones with the biggest, brightest rocks. Then there are the fingers decked with rocks that you notice and think, superficially of course, how does she have that?

Ah, yes, in the underground runway everyone is a model.Tall models, short ones, fat, skinny, made up, undone, sleepy, and up for hours; every and any look can be found down there. Sometimes, in between all my looking, I even get outfit ideas. I’ll spot a pair of shoes, and it’s usually too crowded to see who they even belong to, but I make a mental note that I will go around this weekend looking for those denim flats with the big bow.

If I ever become a famous designer, I am having my debut show right on the subway platform… calling all future superficially driven PR wizards to put that together!! And you thought fashion week at the tents was crowded— Wait till you navigate through am traffic…..

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