Style Skylines & Snacks: New York Style Pita Chips Giveaway

If you ever read Style Island, then you know its main inspiration, and much of its focus is New York City, and the island of Manhattan. Born and raised on this small piece of land surrounded by water, you’re taught to take pride in your native status. And now as a grown woman, still living in the city that raised me I take that status very seriously. That means that I never miss an opportunity to align myself with a cool NYC-centric thing be it style, a person, a place, or food. ¬†Since I spent this past weekend with Allianz Global getting whisked around as a pretend tourist on a VIP NYC vacation, it was only fitting I pick this week to share my love of New York Style.

New York Style snacks boast the famous skyline as their backdrop and logo with a tagline that says, ‘ It’s not just a snack, it’s an experience’. Much like a visit to the busy city itself. And in a city where the constant contradictions of maintaining health and wellness, and balancing your social calendar BOTH reign supreme, you need something that compliments all facets of your busy life. 50 % less fat than other snacks, twice baked, and not fried, and with the crunch of a chip, New York Style satiates both snacking, and entertaining needs. They come in three main varieties; Pita chips, Bagel Crisps, and Panetini crisps.

In January, many of us slow down a bit. After a busy month of entertaining ideas, and parties, the longer month is an chance to take a break from some hostess duties. So, it’s also the perfect opportunity to entertain yourself for a change. Stop worrying about new dip recipes, or creative appetizers, and just kick back, with zero guilt in the process. (Well, zero depending on how much cheese you add….)

new york style, snacks, pita chips, new york style pita chips

new york style, snacks, pita chips, new york style pita chips

New York Style Pita chips are made from Mediterranean style pita bread, which means they’re perfect for dipping. They even created a stronger chip, and like a New Yorker, its so tough it can take any dip, no matter the size or thickness. Flavors include sea salt, Chia Seeds & Quinoa, Parmesan garlic & herb, ancient grains & flaxseed, and red hot chili pepper.

new york style, snacks, pita chips, new york style pita chips

Get a New York state of mind this month and add some style to your routine at the same time.

Enter to win 2 bags of New York Style Pita chips below, and be prepared for the next party you’re attending, or hosting. Or even better, as Retta would say, “Treat Yo ‘self!”.


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