Neighborhood of the month: K-TOWN

One great thing about living on this crazy island, is the fact that you can live here your whole life (case in point), and still have so many undiscovered places and streets. In thirty years, I have seen a lot, and yet there is so much still untapped. Every neighborhood is like a wrapped up box, and you have to open it and look inside, to truly find the value, and ultimately the gift at the end.
With that in mind, I am starting a new feature I call Island Hopping, where I will highlight new found, (or old) streets, and neighborhoods, the little gems that all make up this enormous yet intimate island of Manhattan. And I encourage comments and/or pics on places you think are worth noting as well…..

I have already expressed my new found fondness for all things K – TOWN, or little Korea to those novices— but I once again express my love for this neighborhood, or city block.On 32nd street from 5th avenue to 6th avenue there is literally a multitude of bakeries, restaurants, nice places, hole in the walls, and about 30 karaoke bars, ranging from trendy to underground. I have frequented this block many times in the past month, due to one small circle of friends, who have newly anointed me in the ‘club’, and I think considering I even partook in the club nights at Circle, I deserve the title. I have highlighted a few places already, especially Maru, my new favorite Friday night drink spot for a cherry bomb, and some amazing Korean fried chicken.
This past weekend I was introduced to Third Floor, where I had dinner w/ 2 of my friends, and made friends with Soju cocktails. If I had to describe this in one word, I would say…. SOOOOGOOOD. We walked upstairs to a tiny, hangout spot where the caps of all freshly opened Soju bottles hung down, strewn across a net that covered the entire ceiling of the restaurant. So of course, I had to christen our table as well, once egged on by my girls. First, our pineapple Soju came in one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. It was a glass carafe, but had a hole in the center, where you take, or add the ice.
After that finished, an entire watermelon- cut in half appeared at our table, with cute metal cup bowls, and I noticed that all the tables had this same watermelon. And with good reason – it’s delicious, although upon tasting it, one friend decided there wasn’t quite enough alcohol in it, and so the watermelon became even drunker. And so did we…..
As we downed our watermelon drinks, and finished our scallion pancakes and tofu, it was time to move on to a hole in the wall Karaoke bar, where we switched to sake bombs and Cheez-it’s. Yes, elegance is learned… my friends…
Although I admit to checking out early (a side of me that seems to be here to stay for now at least), I was beat, but I also had the faint tunes of Kanye and Kelly Clarkson songs whispering in my head, and the leftover taste of watermelon and alcohol in my mouth.
I went to sleep happy and full.
Karaoke, watermelon, and Korean food made for a fun, albeit controlled night out. But there’s always next time….. and you know what they say – what happens in K town… ..

Watermelon Soju @ 3rd Floor – yummmm


SOJU – the original


A bee leaving her mark on 3rd Floor – k town

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