Nailed it! Julep reinvents the At Home Manicure w/ the Plie Wand

We all know that getting your nails and toes done at a salon is never a bad thing. It usually feels great, and is an escape from our every day work, life, and errands. For 45 minutes to an hour we let someone else do the work and fill some small space inside us reserved for that moment of feeling beautiful and fulfilled, even if only superficially. At home manicures however, while more affordable and relaxing in their own way have always had one big drawback to them; the dance of the self application. Messed up fingers, straggled paint jobs and more can cause an at home spa night to resemble a kids painting class. Now, however, nail brand Julep has revolutionized the at home manicure by fixing that big problem. Julep Ceo Jane Park combines the ease of doing your nails at home, with the convenience of a salon, by bringing the manicurist to you. The creation of the Plie Wand not only turns you into your own, better manicurist it cuts your time and effort in half. The wand, essentially a long fountain pen, not only creates easier application, especially for the non dominant hand, it’s pivoting top allows for hard to reach angles and ensures half a pinky nail will never go unpainted again.

I’m looking forward to trying this new item out, and seeing how different my at home mani can look! There are going to be some sad neighborhood salonists in my future.

To hear more on this game changing beauty tool from the CEO herself, click here and check out all amazing colors in the Julep Summer collection.

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For more info on the new Plie wand, and how to easily use it, click over to the Julep blog.

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