Nailed it!! .. nail art for a new generation

Nails can tell you a lot about a person. In today’s world anyone can be a fashionista, and turn something into nothing, but one trend that is running the show these days is nail art. Nails have always been an important part of the female “care package”, but we’ve gone from the simple manicure, or airbrush tips to cutting edge innovations like snakeskin on nails, crystals, and my absolute favorite that I’ve seen, newspaper print. I haven’t tried this yet, but I love it.
As for me, my nail timeline can tell a story. When I was younger, I was all about the french. From the ages of 19-24 I only had gel based acrylic tips. Then I started doing french manicures, but with colors; like a pink base, and purple tip. This was not well received.
But as usual, luckily the things that once got me made fun of, now-a-days are par for the course, and I get teased far less often, even the opposite, maybe even labeled a… ahh I can’t even say the word it’s so bad… trend follower…. SHHHHH….
These days I keep it simple… so to speak. For the 10 months or so, there have been so many exciting colors coming out on the scene, that I can NEVER decide on just one… so I don’t…. It’s sort of become my thing. And every month is a different color scheme. It depends on my mood, and even I must admit, sometimes, I go just by the name of the polish.
Recently at an appointment, the person I was meeting with noticed my nails and commented that he liked them. “Hmm,” he wondered, “Those don’t really match that conservative black dress you have on”, he pondered to me. “So which one is you- the dress who tried out the nails, or the nails who decided to be conservative today?” I looked at him sheepishly and grinned… ” It’s the nails through and through. The black sheath dress, merely a cover…. “

For fall, I anticipate a rainbow of mauves, deep purples and browns. But for right now, my heart belongs to blue and green. I’ve been on the look out for a deep neon green, and I am counting the minutes till the Chanel Limited Edition denim collection arrives on FNO this Thursday…

This is one item I intend to nail down…

ESSIE Turkquoise and caicos and a dark green.. (forgot name)

Essie Mint candy apple and Absolutley Shore

Essie Splash of grenadine, and Carousel coral

Stocking up on some supplies and materials..

Nail Decals, sticker designs and white pen - all the essentials!

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