My Favorite Year ~ Why 2012 rocked my world, blog, and Island……..


IFB recently posed their annual question to me in their project # 75 ; what would a year retrospective of my life look life?

This was a big year for me. It started with a breakup, and a new love, and is ending as a new life all together. I’ve learned a lot about the person I want to be, and fondly recall a lot about the person I was, the things I learned, and the reasons why 2012 was my best year yet.

This year I learned a lot about my style; the style that I grew up with, and the style that I was given (#1).

I learned my style wasn’t the only thing I could use to make myself feel good. Writing and blogging did it too, and I got to have my first chance to experience that amazing feeling of getting paid to do what you love (#2).

I reflected on my favorite Miu Miu Shoes, and my favorite city to wear them in (#3), and my hair color and how to harness it’s power. (#4)

I found and stylidealized a  new muse (#5)

I wrote a love letter (#6)

I obsessed over a movie, and also got in LALM in the process (#7)

I became a collaging queen(#8)

It wasn’t just me that I thought back on. Above all else; style, including one of my favorite outfits of the year, (#9) creativity, writing, pictures, in the end, there was her. Strong, resilient, stubborn, quick, impatient, colorful, and most importantly, one of a kind. That was my island. I love New York City. Not just in the way someone who transplants here, announces in a non ironic kind of carrie Bradshaw implied way. More like the kind of way that anoints me pure joy when I drive down the FDR drive and see my coca cola sign lighting the way up ahead.

The kind of way that makes me feel like after something like Sandy, I want to sit down, and write out exactly what I’m feeling about the city I love so much. (#10)

I spent a lot of time living, loving, eating, working, and writing this year, and I did it all on the great, always unique island of Manhattan. Like her, I march to the beat of my own drum, stay up late, and always tell it like it is. If 2012 is going out like a bang, then 2013 will be ready to pick up right where it leaves off…..


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