My Favorite Year ~ Why 2012 rocked my world, blog, and Island……..


IFB recently posed their annual question to me in their project # 75 ; what would a year retrospective of my life look life?

This was a big year for me. It started with a breakup, and a new love, and is ending as a new life all together. I’ve learned a lot about the person I want to be, and fondly recall a lot about the person I was, the things I learned, and the reasons why 2012 was my best year yet.

This year I learned a lot about my style; the style that I grew up with, and the style that I was given (#1).

I learned my style wasn’t the only thing I could use to make myself feel good. Writing and blogging did it too, and I got to have my first chance to experience that amazing feeling of getting paid to do what you love (#2).

I reflected on my favorite Miu Miu Shoes, and my favorite city to wear them in (#3), and my hair color and how to harness it’s power. (#4)

I found and stylidealized a  new muse (#5)

I wrote a love letter (#6)

I obsessed over a movie, and also got in LALM in the process (#7)

I became a collaging queen(#8)

It wasn’t just me that I thought back on. Above all else; style, including one of my favorite outfits of the year, (#9) creativity, writing, pictures, in the end, there was her. Strong, resilient, stubborn, quick, impatient, colorful, and most importantly, one of a kind. That was my island. I love New York City. Not just in the way someone who transplants here, announces in a non ironic kind of carrie Bradshaw implied way. More like the kind of way that anoints me pure joy when I drive down the FDR drive and see my coca cola sign lighting the way up ahead.

The kind of way that makes me feel like after something like Sandy, I want to sit down, and write out exactly what I’m feeling about the city I love so much. (#10)

I spent a lot of time living, loving, eating, working, and writing this year, and I did it all on the great, always unique island of Manhattan. Like her, I march to the beat of my own drum, stay up late, and always tell it like it is. If 2012 is going out like a bang, then 2013 will be ready to pick up right where it leaves off…..


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  • I so, so “LOVE” reading your blog. You are the amazing lady your grandmother always spoke of. Thank you for sharing your amazing blogs! Wishing you a happy and healthy!!! All my love, Barbara

  • Great idea, Bee, to post a wrap-up of some of your favourite posts and significant moments of the year gone by. I’ll try and do that on my own writer’s blog next week. Happy Holidays and welcome to BHB!