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The 2nd weekend in May every year is like pigeon pose at the end of an amazing hot yoga session. It brings up a lot of stuff. For me, It’s one of the most difficult times of year. Yet, in the last few years, Mothers Day has been reinvented; a sort of redux, or rebirth. I can’t celebrate the way I used to, but I can use it to honor all the amazing mothers that I am lucky enough to have in my life. So, when Duane Reade asked me to put together some last minute, creative Mothers Day gifts, I thought about all those amazing moms I know. And how they all fall into different genres  and levels of mommy hood.

There is one of my best friends, the new mom. She had her baby just a few weeks ago. I went to see her, in all her newfound, glowing bliss and all I could think is… wow… I want one of those… just not now. Watching the same girl I partied with, and was wild with now sitting with her son nestled in her neck, I saw her transform right before my very eyes. A little lump nestled in your neck will do that to you. I know a few brand new moms, and the first thing that comes to mind to celebrate them would be maybe not a night off, too early for that, but at least a few hours to themselves to remember the person that just did that amazing thing a short month ago. Take a bubble bath, do an at home spa, drink wine from a sippy cup, whatever. 

mothers day, last minute mothers day gifts, duane reade,mom, gifts  Prevail Shower Cap, roC skincare, Boots no 7 bath and body products, and a wine Girls Night sippy cup – All the makings for a perfect night to herself all from Duane Reade. #DRMothersDay #CollectiveBias 

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Then there is the intermediate mom. They have a few years under their belt, but still not quite enough to be a full pro. Still learning every day, but less phased then the beginners. My guy’s sister, mom of 2 boys both under 5, who handles the stresses of each day with the best sense of humor and wit I’ve seen, is one of these. These are the moms that don’t want a night in but rather, could use a night out. Moms like another of my friends, who finally, after 2 years took me up on my offer of babysitting. 5 hours later, I was in love… but still relishing in the phase of loving a kid for a few hours, and then getting to give them back. One day, I’ll be ready to keep one.

mothers day, last minute mothers day gifts, duane reade,mom, gifts  Treat this mom to a date night out with a Amex & Movie theater Gift card – Did you know these were all available to buy at Duane Reade?

Finally there is the seasoned vet. They’ve seen it and know it all. There is no one like your mom. She will love you unconditional in spite of all your flaws, and you have a lot. She will without a doubt be your biggest fan and supporter, no matter what you do. No other relationship provides that without any hesitancy like that of a mom and child. So, although it can’t fill a void, or original role, it feels amazing to know that, while that ultimate relationship will escape me, new ones have formed. They’re special and rewarding in a brand new way. For all those moms, the vets, and the ones that help fill the role when it’s needed most, give them what they love most; their family.

mothers day, last minute mothers day gifts, duane reade,mom, gifts  Tell a Story with a creative way to gift your mom memories and pictures.  duanereade-mothersday-gifts-DIY-photos As an alternative to a scrapbook or photo album, print out some of your favorite pictures and put them all in a fun, stylish box! Love this one from Cwonder, $78

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Lastly, you can’t forget the card! Actions might speak louder then words, but on this day, words feel pretty good too. What do you look for in a Mother’s Day card? Now with your Balance® Rewards card, receive 1,000 points w/ a purchase of 3 Hallmark cards.

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