Monthly Buzziness~ A month of Cake Pops, Cookies, Art, Anniversaries, Fondue, Fresh Direct and Frothy Hot Chocolate

January. What feels like the longest month out of all of them, not only because of length, but proximity to the new year never seems to get that much love. People are back from break; full and basking in a non working glow. People are creating resolutions, and breaking them, hitting the gym with their one month pass and soon, it will be Valentines Day, then St Patricks Day, and so on.

The weekend is a coveted island item. Those short little 2 1/2 days can mean, say, and do so much, and yet, they always seem to end just as fast as they begin, whether filled to the brim with brunches, meetings and errands, or low key in the apartment the whole time.

And since I never seem to be able to even keep up with my own weekend busy-ness I have decided to turn my weekend buzziness weekly feature into a monthly one. Consider this your once a month foray into a few pictures that are just simply, the life of a city bee.

We’re all such busy Nyc bees, that we had to have our girls holidays party in January!

Well, things are always better when you spend a whole month waiting for them! The “I love New York” themed Christmas party included homemade cake pops (Thank you Jess!) , and New York City specialty holiday cookies.

Click here to make your own cake pops!  via Delicious! Click here to make your own cake pops! via

Homemade cake pops 

holiday cookies

nyc holiday cookies- my winnings in our secret santa games Photography by John Turck 

I try to hit up an exhibit or do a museum day at least once a  month. This month I took my partner in crime and we hit up the Moma for a few exciting things, including Munch’s the Scream, currently on display. It made me realize just how much fashion inspires art, and vice versa, and I think my artist got a million ideas, that he immediately started working on as soon as we got home. 

Saturdays spent at the moma~ Picasso Saturdays spent at the moma~ Picasso Munch exhibit... Also saw the Scream on display. Munch exhibit… Also saw the Scream on display.

art inspires fashion and vice versa; even in color. Rich Greens and blues in Monet inspire spring 2013

This month I celebrated my one year anniversary with my love. We honored the night by having drinks at Gramery Tavern, where we first met each other for drinks one year ago. Its amazing how fast a year goes by, and how much it can change you. 

anniversary - Version 2Shot through the Heart


A nyc take on apres de ski ? ~ Fondue deliciousness at the Standard Outdoor ice skating Rink


My Fresh Direct. Blueprint is a necessary essential that I just can’t seem to live without. For more on the drinks, and if a cleanse is right for you, check them out here 

IMG_0040 2

White Hot Chocolate at the Standard Ice Rink

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