Mission Possible: A night at the Bowery Mission Celebration of Hope

A few weeks ago I volunteered at the Bowery Mission’s annual Celebration of Hope auction and gala ,where I am a volunteer and member of the Young Philanthropists Committee. In the past I have attended, but this time I was there under working circumstances. Running the silent auction table; featuring goodies such as Revlon gift packages, Patagonia jackets, a cashmere wrap package, I was not only feeling good about giving back, but also suddenly wanted to give more. Like money.. For the MCM patricia Field special Edition shopper tote that I feasted my eyes on while working the table. I immediately ran up to my supervisor, angling the fact that volunteer money is still money, and upon the ending of this spin, I scurried over to get a bid number.

As I helped people put down bids, and watched over the products, I had a secret agenda of eyeing the tote; watching it like a hawk to see what my fate would be.

At the end of the auction, when we collected all the winning bids, I excitedly ran up to the tote, put down my bid, (one more of only 2), and circled the winning bid… Mine.

So pleased with myself, I realized how meager my excitement was, when I started hearing the packages being read out at the Live Auction. Amazing packages like a day at the stock exchange and dinner at DBGB, Tribecca Film Festival red carpet packages, and experiences like shadowing police commissioner Ray kelly for the day were read out, and promptly bid on, and  eventually won for thousands of dollars, making my $250 bag pale in comparison as a charitable purchase.

In the end the night proved quite successful, not just for us at the Bowery Mission, but for everyone who spent their evening at the Bowery Hotel. People left with their pockets lighter and their bellies bigger from the amazing tables featuring bites from Pulinos, Peels, and Veselka, which featured an amazing Borscht. Some left with special packages, events, and nights to fullfill soon, others with great packages, and gift baskets. And me, well I got exactly what I wanted. A great night helping out one of my favorite charities, a fun volunteer experience shared with so many others working towards the same thing, and of course the opportunity to help the cause as well. And an amazing addition to my wardrobe, soon to be a new obsession I’m sure.

All in all a philanthropic fashionista’s A + night!

Borscht samples at the Veselka booth - click here to get more info on the restaurant

one of last week's obsessions- cupcakes from the Little cupcake bakeshop


Beespotting~ A fashionable philanthropist

Vintage Pajama top w/ black piping; Thrifted.

Skirt; Forever 21

Shoes; Vintage black leather and suede boots; thrifted from Ebay.com

bag: Patricia Field for MCM 







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