Migraines, Massages & Managing them with Excedrin, Jordin Sparks and Duane Reade

Recently, I wrote on how Duane Reade helped me prepare for any holiday sicknesses by providing me with the new Happy and Healthy magazine, telling me which cold medicine was on sale, and which to buy.

As the song goes, there is a season, turn, turn, turn, and case in point, for each season, Duane Reade turns. Now, it’s the holidays, which is grand. But another less exciting, yet noteworthy time is allergy season, which we are now in the tail end of, and which causes grief and pain in my household.

This particular season does not come with holiday lights, but rather, the spotted lights that I see when my head hurts so bad from the migraines my sinuses cause. There is no pulsating and throbbing music, but there is throbbing in my head, so bad it can be at times, debilitating. And though to some, the idea of spending the holiday with family can cause a serious headache, unfortunately mine are not solely relegated to holidays.

The people at Excedrin.com know a few things about this topic, and to help, have changed the conversation from just migraines, to determining why and how we actually get them. This, after a study showed that 93 % of female, migraine sufferers wish they understood their actual triggers better.

Excedrin Migraine listened, and in response, have launched an app called My Migraine Triggers, where you can keep a journal of your symptoms, and triggers, and through tracking and observing, hopefully get a better understanding of migraines, how they physically evolve and most importantly, how we can stop them early, or prevent them. You can download the app for yourself at www.MigraineResource.com

And as the holidays bring people together in joy, so do shared stories of troubles, and pains. Including Jordin Sparks, the former American Idol winner, and songstress, who clearly knows a thing or two about migraines as well. She was on hand at the #Excedrin event last week to help promote the new app, share relief tips, and also admitting her and her mother are long time sufferers.

With the launch of Excedrin Migraine, Sparks as spokesperson, and the new app available, there are numerous ways to get on board, and work towards a healthier and happier state of mind. Excedrin knows this, and also had the middle of Herald Square turned into a virtual Masseuse mob.

Massage chairs were set up along the street outside Macys, and team members, sporting Excedrin white waffle shirts were on hand to give massages to all those who desired, and passed by. And as we watched Ms Sparks inside the media tent, upon commencing, the tent wall was dropped in front of us, to reveal the crowd of novice masseuses, and those relishing in it.

Even Jordin got in on the action, getting her own massage, while chatting with z100 about boys, music, life, and all those other properties that can cause us headaches. Good thing some Excedrin was nearby.

But since all those things are never going to cease, at least Excedrin is helping us enjoy them that much more, one head case at a time.

To see more pictures on this story, Excedrin, and Jordin check out my Google Plus story.

Excedrin® Migraine is the #1 neurologist recommended over-the-counter brand for migraine relief, offering convenient and effective relief for migraines and was the first non-prescription medicine approved by the FDA to treat all the symptoms of a migraine. Find out more about them at the Migraine Center at Excedrin.com or facebook.com/Excedrin  to hear from other migraine sufferers, share tips and access free information to help better manage migraines.

Spreading the word at Duane Reade #DRExcedrin Masseuse Mob

Sparks doing double duty; massage and interview

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