Mexican Fiesta Blog Hop with The Everyday Home

This year one of my biggest goals is to network and reach out more to other colleagues and bloggers in the community. Writing, as so many of us know, can be a lonely job, many times making me feel like an island. So, I’m taking this island to the mainland to join other writers and bloggers in sharing, chatting and inspiring content. Where to start? Joining in my very first Blog Hop with The Everyday Home where we’re talking all things Mexican inspired.

Twelve bloggers came together to share their party ideas, recipes, and Mexican themed dishes and the result is this super fun fiesta of creativity!


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I’m sharing an oldie but a goodie considering Mother Nature’s current multiple personality disorder issues. With another potential polar vortex threatening our gleefully spring weather weekends, there is no time like now to get the last bits of leverage out of some Mexican tortilla soup. Its tasty, spicy-ish flavor makes it perfect for these last, lingering chilly nights before the heat hits.

Check below for lots of other terrific ideas and recipes in the Mexican Fiesta with Everyday Home.

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Which one is your fave?


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