Merci Beaucoo ~ How and the #BoPo pledge are giving us reasons to be Thankful

We all have something about ourselves that has plagued us either throughout childhood or adulthood or both. I’ve spoken of mine on several occasions and all the ways in which those perceived short comings later went on to become defining traits. My red hair, once the bane of my existence and now a calling card of sorts. My name, which once made me feel like I was different still does but now I embrace that. And then there’s my height.

In college my closest friends were all 5’10. I don’t know what is in the water in Pa but I always felt small. Literally. So I wore crazy platform shoes that were constantly ridiculed. Those shoes are now called creepers and cool people wear them.
After college during a short stint at vogue my neck became so strained from constantly looking up I had to give it up.
Today I’m much more comfortable in my own skin but now in adulthood I see that some things that reside within us will never change even if our style and sense does.

Now I have more height proportioned friends. Yet one of my closest ones, with legs that go on for days is always complaining when we take pictures that she either wants to stand on the end or crouch down. A wiggly hunched back pose has become her go to in group pictures and I realized that not only is the grass always greener but its like the first half of the Joni Mitchell song. We don’t know what we got….

With social media as powerful and omnipresent as it is these days we’re all trying to learn to become more comfortable with what we got. And we have Facebook, Instagram, selfies and a million fashion related apps to prove that. In this day and age especially in Nyc although one can feel outcast it’s easier then ever to find like people. Someone who shares your love of Sunday movies and Thai food. Those passionate about style can find sites that share their love of particular senses of style and look. But there isn’t one outlet to go when you’re looking to really feel good about that style, how it looks on you, and how it might look on others with your body shape or taste.

That is where comes into the forefront. The company is built on the basis that as women we should universally support each other and promote positivity in our differences and our similarities. The first site for women to really build a community based on this idea, Beaucoo allows you to not only upload those aforementioned selfies into the fashion community, but the choice to join in a journey where your voice can be heard, and your style, seen.

A neighborhood of women whose differences make them relatable, and stories, make them human. is like Instagram meets the ultimate fashion selfie app meets a community of your peers and friends. By uploading their pictures via the free Beaucoo app on their phone, one can instantly join a society where you can browse enviable looks, see specific fashion similar to yours, and find out where to buy items you like. As a member, you can upload your own personal dimensions (which are not seen), and have access to see specific categories, like only tops, or bottoms based on your personal preferences and sizes. By adding your own photos to the mix you are not only sharing your own style, but adding it to this diverse community of women.

The online world of Beaucoo is in the BoPo pledge, which stands for Body Positivity. Linked with their Stories Projects, the initiative is helping to bring a voice to a new community of women that are telling their stories, and spreading body positivity. Not only can you become a part of the story by sharing your own, but by taking the BoPo pledge, you are pledging to help spread positive stories and new ideas on body image. By having a voice, you can promote an society where one can be heard through personal stories, seen through an app, and liked and followed by other members of their online family.

While many outlets focus on self promotion,  this site is more focused on the premise of promoting each other, not just through sharing pictures of ourselves, but by taking that story a step further. Being fashion forward of course has much to do with style, but even more, with the way we think. And and the Stories Project (or can say BoPO pledge) are creating a world of like minded, stylish, fashion forward thinkers. For this we can be thankful… very much.


Check out the blog for more ideas and stories relating to body positivity, body image, and much more.

Download the free App to upload pictures of yourself into the Beaucoo community. Currently, the only way to share photos is through the app, but the ability to add via the website directly should be accessible hopefully in the future.

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beaucoo3 Using the Beaucoo App on my phone is easy, and fun

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