March Madness….. rainy day styles to make things a little less dreary

Missy Elliott famously lamented that she can’t stand the rain… ‘gainst her window. And I would have to agree… The saying goes, March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb, and APRIL is supposed to see spring showers….

But here we are in late March, having had, as previously mentioned our one night stand with spring last week, and what has my attire consisted of this week you ask? Rain boots, sweaters, Northface jackets, and otherwise “comfy” clothing. Last night I went out to dinner in a literal hail storm, where it seemed as if actual gross new york city slush was falling from the sky ….

And here I was getting all excited last week, in anticipation of breaking out my spring attire, putting my blazers on hangers, and folding my sweaters in perfect piles into bags….

but the weather had different plans for us…

I don’t know how much longer this is going to last, but I do know it needs to end soon b/c it is not helping my style, OR more importantly, my mood- and the hopefully dull rainy evenings will bring way to sunshine and cheer—- this is one case in which I hope very soon— to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Luxury Chic--- Marc by Marc Jacobs PVC tote and umbrella in 1-- Net-a- porter- $250

BEE CHIC--- I love Rain Umbrella- Dorothy perkins- $12

















Singing in the Raincoat--- - $49.99









Double Breasted trench/rain coat- ZARA- $99.90









Women's rubber rain boots--- $24.99

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