Manhattan Monthly: 10 Ways to Enjoy the End of Summer

Most people think of NYC in summer, and automatically think rental cars, beach vacations, and Hamptons getaways from the humidity and pollution of the city. But there are actually many, wonderful things about summer on the island, including plenty of ways to enjoy the end of summer without leaving city life at all. For some of the activities, the timeline runs out when the month does. Others, however, will continue on into fall. Either way, one thing is certain. Fall in New York City is kind of a big deal. It has taken on a life entirely of its own at this point. One filled with pumpkin latte flavored everything, and a general shift in atmosphere. So before that coveted season takes form, make sure to squeeze out those last few drops of Summer. Even though we’re in the home stretch of, there’s still plenty of time to partake in an abundance of summer activities. One week to be exact.  Here are 10 ways to enjoy the end of summer 2016, before it’s just another city memory.


1. Celebrate: The end of summer & start of fall with Barone Fini. Recently I celebrated the Italian holiday Ferragosto (signifying the Italian harvest) early at a luncheon with Barone Fini wines. The lunch pairing; a preview of the August 15th main event dinner with the Food Bank for NYC was hosted at Italian spot I Trulli. Appropriate for both it’s lunch setting, and perfect blending of the menu with the light, summery wines. The Pinot Grigio is an essential for any end of summer, city outings, especially an outdoor movie . For those end of summer picnics, parties and brunches on your calendar, pick up a bottle of Barone Fini Pinot as your accessory. It may not stop the end of summer from coming, but it can certainly let you savor every last moment of it.

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2. Do: outdoor Yoga. There are plenty of great free yoga and workout classes around the city. But as the summer scorchers fade, and that recognizable, cool breeze hits the air, the allure of the outdoor city workout will begin to wane. That’s why you should take advantage this month before the busy nature of fall officially starts, and your summer, extra time ends. RSVP to upcoming classes here.


3. Check out: Manus X Machina at the MET. The Costume Institute’s Spring ’16 exhibition focuses on the dichotomy between handmade and machine made when creating haute couture and avant garde ready to wear. The exhibit includes more than 170 costumes, and creations ranging from the present, back to the early 20th century. It covers the time in haute couture history when the sewing machine was invented, and explores differences between the hand and the machine as creator. This can’t miss event has been a hot commodity for cool New Yorkers since it’s inception at the MET Ball earlier this Summer. See the exhibit before it closes on September 5th.


4. Try: the Dumbo Boulders rock climbing wall . If you haven’t done this yet (and I’m still dying to), August is as good a time as any. The newly constructed center, located in Brooklyn Bridge Park was opened by The Cliffs, and is NYC’s first outdoor climbing wall. Day passes are available, for any skill level.


5. Wear: Super luxe leggings on lazy, end of summer weekends. The Tani USA line is soft, seamless, and beyond comfortable. Indulge in these last few weeks of summer laziness with the ultimate luxury leggings. Come fall, you can pair them with chunky sweaters and scarves for a new take on the look. But beware: While stylish, these induce utter comfort and in turn, extreme laziness. Shop here.



6. Eat: Lobster Rolls. Tis the Season. Live music on Sundays to go with your lobster roll at the popular North River Lobster Co. on the West side.

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7. Maintain: Summer skin with Dove Go Fresh. When summer fades, many of us go through various forms of remorse. Some wax poetic about their soon to be setting in S.A.D while others rejoice over welcoming a lazier, beauty routine. Anything from cancelling that weekly wax, to putting pedicures in the ‘luxury only’ column on your expenses list. Despite the season change, one routine that never should is the way you treat your skin. Maintain and care for it with the Dove Go Fresh line. It keeps skin healthy, soft, and refreshed.


8. Read: A good mystery. Even if the beach days are lessening, doesn’t mean you can’t keep enjoying some of your favorite summer beach reads. So many great books to start, or finish. Especially Girl on the Train, which you should at least read before the movie version officially hits the world.


9. Go: to the new Westfield Mall in the World Trade Center, (before the holiday crowds take over). Earlier this month, the much hyped and talked about Westfield Mall at the WTC finally opened. The mall isn’t really anything too special (think typical chain, and luxury stores), but what is amazing is the structure itself. Big, open, lit up space surrounds you in the Oculus, and according to Racked earlier this week, it’s also (not surprisingly) one of the most instagrammed spots in the city.

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10. Shop: End of summer sales. I scooped up this bathing suit at Old Navy for, are you ready… $5! Plenty more where that came from, as long as you get there in the next week. After that, summer shopping will be a distant memory.






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