Manhattan Monthly ~ 10 Things to Get Involved in This Month

When you grow up in New York City like me, you get asked one question, over and over, and over again. What was it like?? Yes, meet an outsider, (outsider= anyone not born in New York City, and living here ten years does not count) and I can almost assure you that at some point in your conversation, this question will be asked to you. Typically, my response is never an exciting and is usually met with disappointment. But as uneventful as it is, the answer is nothing, if not honest. It was like growing up anywhere, but with more options.

Yes, New York City is the city that never sleeps, and Manhattan is the island where, somewhat akin to Hunger Games style, you have to work to survive and move forward, because if you don’t, you might not make it here. Many have lived to tell the tale, continuing onto the next round, still calling New York City their home, while countless others have gone back to the city they were attempting to escape in the first place.

And back to that answer I always give. Manhattan is a special place, and New York City obviously speaks for itself. But, like any person who lives anywhere, the specialness comes from what you bring to it, and how you take part in that which surrounds you. Even in a city of millions, with diverse opportunities to eat, shop, see, do, play and more, it’s just for any type of city inhabitant to decide to stay inside, and not revel in any of it.

So for those natives New Yorkers, newbies, lazies, and doers, I am excited to start a new monthly column, Manhattan Monthly, which will focus on the ten best things to do this month, or perhaps, to only read about, bookmark, take a note on, and never wind up doing at all. But, the most exciting part and the thing that distinguishes it from everywhere else; the ability to choose. So with that, (and a bit late, I know) heres my First Manhattan Monthly for September 2013. I highly suggest… opting in.

1. BUY – Philip Lim for Target. The latest collaboration to hit Target is sure to reestablish the power of the Target launch, after the much hyped, and mostly failed Neiman Marcus line. The collection, which includes a version of the popular 3.1 bag launches on sept 15th and whether you go in store, or online make sure you to set your alarm. This is one early bird that will be hoping for that fashionable worm on Sunday.

philiplim Click to see more at

2. READNight Film by Marisha Pessl. This hot new thriller is not only nail biting, and impossible to put down, but it’s also my Book club choice this month, and I can’t wait to discuss it. More importantly, stay tuned to Style Island tomorrow for some exciting news regarding this new must read book!

nightfilm click for more info

3. SWITCH to Pumpkin spice lattes. Why? Because chillier weather means a lot of  switching of fashion, but also importantly,the caffeine switch, from cold back to hot. It’s baaackkkkk….

pumpkinspice click for the recipe and more starbucks sweetness

4. SEE – Romeo and Juliet on Broadway. This stunning production, showcasing a new take on the old story, and Orlando Bloom’s broadway debut is getting some serious buzz. Head over to Living Social, where they are having a great deal on Orchestra seats for under $100. A steal for a star studded Broadway show.

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 5. WATCHPassion. This new fall movie may have fallen slightly under the radar, but considering it stars one of the great current actresses around now, Rachel McAdams, and one of my favorite directors, Brian De Palma, I am keeping it high on my list of must see this month. Given the great review on Roger, I am considering my thinking to be in very good company. See the trailer here.


6. CHECK OUT — The newest exhibition at the New York Design Center which from now through Oct 7th will be showing, ” I’ll be Your Mirror”, a gallery of 150 never before seen photos by Andy Warhol from the private collections of his assistant Pat Hackett, and never-before-seen photos taken by Warhol’s last studio assistant. The exhibition is showing at the 1stDibs gallery inside the NYDC until Oct 7th.

05french-warhol-slide-HWUK-jumbo Click to read more about this exhibit

7.  REUNITE – With the fall tv lineup, and pick your favorite new shows. September, with everything else it brings up, also brings a slew of new programming,  and after all those busy summer weekends out and about, people begin to reunite with their couches and remotes. Although the beginning of September television seems to bring hundreds of new shows, only a special few will make it to the next round. So, choose wisely and go forward unto your cable box. As for me, I’m less excited about new, and more excited about old, and final. As in HIMYM, as in the final season. As in, give us a mother and a happy Ted! I, like millions of others will sit in front of my tv on Sept 23rd, awaiting some of the answers to these dire questions. It’s going to be… wait for it… ahh nevermind, just watch. CLick to read more about the premiere on SEpt 23rd

8. GO – To the first annual ‘Lobstah Palooza happening in Bushwick at the Well brewery. Proof that sometimes, you have to venture off the island to find some really cool events, and some even more amazing food. Considering it costs $40 for an all day feast, including taking on a 1.25 lb fresh lobster, and live music from Chemicals of Creation, I would jump on this right away, and live to tell of the tail… literally... You can purchase tickets for this event here 

Click to read more at Click to

9. EAT- A Ramen burger. New Yorkers have great taste, as is evident in our restaurants, and now, ubiquitous food trucks, but we are also a fickle bunch. We love to hate our sports teams, and political figures, and especially our overhyped trends, which we ourselves are the culprits of hyping up in the first place. So, before the hype dies down, and you don’t have to publicly complain about the long lines, all the while giddy over the instagram pictures you will soon be taking, make sure to put on your september list, eat a ramen burger. Because if you don’t have to wait in line to buy it, did you really eat it?

s-RAMEN-large Read more on the ramen craze here

10.TRY-  Matte nails. Soon, you will be bombarded with ideas, trends, and images of what we want to buy, wear, and see come Spring/Summer 2014. But for those of us whose work beckons ahead of everyone, we still have to remember that our actual feet, just like everyone else, are still planted right here, in Fall 2013. And good old fall has a lot up her sleeve. By way of one of my favorite daily reads, Pure Wow, check out the new matte nails look which will prove to be huge for nail art this season. So, this fall, get ready to reformatte your nails.



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