Mama Let me Upgrade You… Movie remakes

There is nothing like an original. A trend setter, style icon, and all around legend. There will never be another James Dean (no matter who tries their best moody brooding), there will never be another Marilyn Monroe, nor a Jackie- O, or my ultimate, Audrey Hepburn. These are people who set the standard, and even today all these years later, still capture our spirit, heart and interest.

As I read about the casting for the new Great Gatsby movie; (Carey Mulligan just won the coveted Mia Farrow role) and Bradley Cooper is vying for Tom, and already being an avid fan of the original, and the book, I’m left wondering, is nothing sacred anymore? I think about Robert Redford’s golden locks and unmatchable smile as Jay Gatsby, and I love both those actors, but certain things should really just be left alone. And this is one of them.

What is the incessant need that people seem to have to want to see things old turn new? We see it in real life every day. Men trade in their wives for newer models, Women throw out old shoes for new, shiny ones, and we are constantly remaking ourselves. But sometimes, what is so wrong with leaving what you started with? In my opinion, usually, the original is the best…(okay, except maybe when buying new shoes)

So in this society where people ruin things by re-fashioning them, I ask you to go back to the start; the original, and see what made some of these things so great before someone money hungry decided to capitalize on it. Go check out Great Gatsby on, (before the movie comes out), and see the original Arthur from 1981, with Dudley Moore, a fabulous, and hilarious movie, BEFORE you go see Russell brand play…. well, Russell Brand.

There are a million and one remakes of old movies- Some you probably know about, and some you don’t (I probably do, since I have every worthless piece of movie trivia in my brain, as some of you know, and I especially love old movies). But then there are some movies that are so special, so sacred, that should they EVER be touched, it would be considered sacrilegious, a Travesty on this great nation — No one can EVER EVER measure up to Al Pacino in the Godfather, and I can’t imagine who would ever want to try.

No one else can scream out Stella in a wife beater like Marlon Brando in Streetcar named Desire, wear a red jacket rebelliously like James Dean (although James Franco comes VERY VERY CLOSE), or EVER ever eat a croissant in front of Tiffanys while wearing a tiara over meticulously styled hair.

Natalie Portman is a beautiful young thing, but if I ever see this happen, I will jump on a plane to LA and storm the movie executives suite with ammunition. Just think about the outrage when in 20 years from now, our daughter tells us she’s going out Friday night to see the Sex & the City remake…..SJP will just be an antique legend, and Blake lively will be running up the stairs into her west 70’s flat with Manolo’s on, running after the new Mr. big, played by Justin Bieber….I shudder to think—- No, some things are just better left as they are…. original.

What is one movie you hope they never remake?

Marilyn -- An Original

James Dean- an original

An Original- Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly

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