Make This: Easy Chicken Quesadillas for every night Dinners

My cooking skills have always sort of been a merry go round, up and down, on and off. I can go a week planning recipes, meticulously buying groceries, and trying to execute dishes, to ordering take out for six days straight.

But lately I’ve been striving more and more to work on the former. Pinterest as we all know, is an amazing outlet for a million different things, but one of the biggest and most popular ones is food and recipes. I’ve started to use it more and more to get inspired by easy ways to start jazzing up dinner. What better way then one of my favorite nights at home- mexican night! I personalized my own flavor and recipe based on one I used from All Recipes.


1 LB stewed chicken breast  from Fresh Direct. It’s a great deal at $8.99. The flavors are amazing, plus it’s already ready to go, so whipping this together is a breeze. As a girl who was raised on heat and eat, and proud of it, I see nothing wrong with saving time at the end of a long day.

1 can black beans

8 ounces brown rice

flour tortillas- (I make about 10)

shredded cheese

Salsa. Avacado. And Olive Oil (not pictured)

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