Make Meals a Snap with a Power Pressure Cooker XL this Holiday

Over thanksgiving I attended a cooking event for the power pressure cooker xl, and that unassuming, pre holiday morning changed my life forever. The power pressure cooker, complete with its own mascot and spokesperson, Turkey Dude, aka WWE star Gene Snitsky is the answer to almost all your cooking needs. From the moment I started being an adult who cared about cooking for myself, as well as a yearly mass consumer of that ubiquitous, holiday buffalo chicken dip everyone makes in their slow cooker, I have wanted one for myself. So when I was given the opportunity to not only learn some fun, easy recipes but also walk away with my very own power pressure cooker to try them out on, how could I say no.

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who have a pressure cooker, and those who don’t. And until you cross over, you will never know the pleasures of using one. The fun in creating recipes, and the ease it brings, in both consumption and cleanup. Weeknight meals are forever changed, and as we sit right in the thick of the holiday season, the ways in which you can please your family, friends, guests, and yourself are endless from sides to complete entrees.

With a power pressure cooker XL , here are just a few of the recipes you can make this holiday season:


Butternut Squash Soup



Creamy Turkey Mac and Cheese




My version of turkey mac and cheese at home



Loaded Mashed Potatoes. Delicious, and perfect holiday side this season. Get the full recipe on the site here.

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