Love, Loss, and What I Wore: A look back at 2011 with Style Island

This year has gone by in a New York Minute, which is appropriate cause a) that is where I live, and b) that is an underlying theme of this blog. As Ferris said, life moves quickly, and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Although we all spend a lot of time, running around, leading our lives, without really LIVING them, sometimes the best moments of reflection, love, and style are found in those passing moments we inadvertently take for granted; the quiet ones…

 2010 was a rough year for me. And 2011 was a pretty good one. And only the universe knows how 2012 will turn out. As I think back on this year,  I did a lot I said I would; which is RARE, and I also didn’t get a chance to accomplish everything, but that’s why there is 2012. One very important resolution that i DID keep was to finally start that outlet for all my craziness, ideas, fashion,etc; my blog. And it’s almost her one year anniversary, but more on that later.

But more importantly, was I a good person? Did I get to cross anything off my proverbial “life list”, besides get a new job.. which I did! And be happy and settled in my living situation; also a Checkmark! Axe the drama? Also a complete… I am on a roll so far it seems… But most importantly, while all this was happening, did I look good, and what the hell did I wear?

In 2011, I :

* Lost one best friend, but gained a new one, who is also my room-mate…

* Started writing about how I feel… about fashion. So far, so good…

* Lamented about love in New York City

*Saw an amazing movie

* Started my own weekly column, The Bee-five

* Thought about one of my most defining articles of clothing… (what is yours?

* Became obsessed with juicing

*Branched out

*Met some amazing new girls, became excited about my new “blogger” life, and attended some wonderful shows… And this is only my first year!

* And finally, I WORE myself out!!

Pink skirt, vintage Ungaro. Victorian Purple jacket, Vintage; My Mother's Closet. Shoes, Miu Miu. Snake belt, Vintage Whiting & Davis; vintage, My mother's Closet. Ring, Gretchen Jones for Piperlime.

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